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    Your development has little ties to lore...give us a legitimate reason as to why you're taking this out, if it confuses new players I would really like to speak with the plethora of new players that have been participating in DoW, especially considering that it was hardly ever updated. Just own up to the fact that you couldn't balance it and the content you were releasing for it had nothing to do with DoW, rather than blatantly lying by saying DoW is non conductive of lore?! I'm designing my game rn and the most challenging thing is tieing a storyline to the game, but that's cause I have no content released and set in stone. If you're saying something has little toes to lore or does not benefit XYZ.

    All I'm saying is the excuse that's DoW has very little to do with lore is entirely the developers fault and not the gamers; you are removing PvP aspects which also benefited PvE in a round about way, if you're removing DoW to implement a new feature for all players to interact with more intimately then say so! But your reason for removing DoW is just an excuse for your guys lack of effort/understanding to make a game that players find meaningful and can connect with.

    Octopi figured out the mold, I'm really hoping DOGs does too.

    I really dislike the way you guys go about removing/implementing things. It is always ass backwards and most of the time is because you guys were too busy trying to pull the wool over our eyes with this or that, that months go by and now the mechanics that were hanging on are just non-conductive of the game you devs think is players will play. Apparently you guys are dead wrong otherwise your kickstarter would have been funded and Pox would have more of a community.

    People aren't stupid, we were taught not to make excuses at a young age, you're going to have to teach your kids that i hope, but from the bile you guys spew at us idk bout the future for our youths...

    If it helps, speak to me as a colleague, tell me the actual problems in unity that you guys are having. Because I've Hs just as much experience in Unity as you guys, I just prefer Unreal, that does not mean I can't read code or don't understand basic game theory.

    If you devs were to say "look, we don't like these mechanics, but are mulling over here and here...come talk about it on disclose with us here. Or check it out on the forums here."

    My biggest issue is I'm making my game alongside you guys rn, most of my issues I can press out like nothing, because I've made the decisions to not get hung up on this or that Stat the way you guys are. We need maps, how hard is that? If it is hard then work on maps instead of champion design.

    But you know what, I'm not in the industry, I don't see the telemetry you guys have so yeah what do I know? DoW really is garbage for lore, pfffft giving direction for players to play a game?! Pffft that's so 90s...
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    you are over reacting.
    chill out.
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  3. aseryen

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    "In the future" needs to be discussed now when you're removing the only direction players were given other than "waste your life collecting our content that we can barely balance and keep bug free"

    Yes bugs have been reduced but if all I'm doing is playing ROYGBV with Triangles and Circles(U/S/R/E) then I certainly want some way to make a red square or a blue triangle, which is at least what DoW tried to do.

    Faction: color
    Battlegroups formation: Platonic solids

    DoW provided a reason to play a Faction and what Battlegroups formation you wanted to play...tell me how new players find that arbitrary or misleading? Oh wait it's not because that is the most direction a player has for playing this game...don't get me started on your guys achievement system...this is only about DoW.

    So please tell me, besides collecting your content, which i can say is becoming less of a reason to stick around, what gameplay mechanics are designed to hook me as a player into the game, you can decide if I'm a PvP/PvE player. I was hoping to play ranked with the PSN community but removing DoW makes Pox ranked play the epitome of circle jerk...even worse for the PSN community which can only invest more time into the circle jerk session in order to get more runes...

    Take a picture for me and post your guys flow charts for how you expect players to navigate and play your game...I can make a video of how I want Poxnora to play but that will ultimately become a personal video for how I can make my game the game to play over Poxnora.

    I'm not trying to be antagonistic, but if a develoer of a game with less than 100 active players cannot point blank say, look this Bane Shift is B-A-N-A-N-A-S here is how we will bring all the boys to the yard...

    Cause I'm game will be better than yours.
  4. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    My friend plays 2k...those guys over react...I'm just asking for some kind of direction.

    @Sokolov makes a forum post Willy nilly about changing Heroes but DoW gets removed and I'm over reacting?

    Heroes only need attention because we as players want more direction playing the removing DoW only makes that point a fact 100fold.

    Do @Sokolov and @Senshu talk before making posts or are they both working against each other while developing this game?

    Sok: let's maybe change Heroes, this would ultimately give more lore for players to play and direct deck building more

    Senshu: let's move DoW which gave players direction and created an identity for factions/ with no system you can piss in the wind all you want and no one will care.

    Heroes bring the Lore DoW bring direction...there is no reason why DoW needs any more lore ties in to it, especially when it has War in the title...are you saying you need more reasons for people to oppose each other? I thought this was a game...

    I'm still looking forward for May 23rd I just don't see a reason to play ranked anymore, ever, for the foreseeable future until @Sokolov and @Senshu can say clearly that this is up and that is down...

    I'll take having bug balances and patchwork over ranked play anyday, I just didnt think i would be given one or the other.
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    Your posts used to be amusing, but now they come off as a whiny and kind of an excuse to say you're also developing a game.
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    You are overreacting.
    Senshu is not a developer, its a community manager i believe.
    Heroes being changed was something the community wanted and was discussed a lot in this forums, sokolov did not start that and because he is such a cool guy he might end up doing that request for us.
    Senshu responded to you the magic words "There are also technical reasons why we want to phase out the current DoW." that means that is off player territory to discuss, end of story. He also sayd they might add some kind of DoW in the future (maybe even the territory conquering map that was talked in the forums so much).
    Sokolov told us he has no call on client development and Senshu is not a dev, please stop attacking them, they are just informing what is going on.
  7. aseryen

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    I said I was going to make a game years ago, its really only to get the Devs to produce more numbers rather than some kind of blanket statement that of course I have no way of knowing. If they were to able to produce data that if I miscalculate then it's my fault, but if they give a statement that doesn't cover the whole explanation i can only speculate and I use my game as a mirror because a lot of the questions I have for game design are mirrored here on the forums.

    New players found DoW confusing or didn't use it...I don't have that data, although I still stand by my statement...what new players? If I were given something that I can analyze other than my own play style and the less than 100 community members which for the most part have been playing the game the same waythwn maybe it won't sound like I'm just comparing my game to theirs.

    Lol I'll say this to be clear, I like Poxnora more than Conquest of that it? Whatever pox clone was made recently. So all my gripes aren't actually gripes but more so "what are these excuses you're giving me" but...cmon admit that removing the only direction players had for ranked play was an obscure's been pointed out already that achievements are not a consistent enough incentive for PvP when PvE can also accomplish the non-ranked achievements.
  8. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    @Kampel kind of said it perfectly.

    Those things were like glaring out in my mind but I just think they are wrong.

    Small community means that us few should know what's up, even if Sok says most devs don't do that.

    If Senshu is just a community man he is slacking...what is Poxnoras biggest problem? The community. I don't have anything against the Devs, I thought they wore more hats than they did. Guess they're human after all.
  9. NevrGonaGivUup

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    The main incentive for ranked play is the rankings themselves. Other reasons to play include wanting to improve at the game, and wanting the ranked league rewards.

    As far as I know the only people who play ranked SPECIFICALLY to get points for their faction of choice are the top contributors for that faction. The reward for being "part of" the winning faction at the end of DoW is paltry compared to the reward for contributing the most points, so its only engaging for those ~20 people who play that faction the most.

    And for new players, drums of war can be source of confusion because it creates the impression that they MUST choose a faction, and only play that faction. Players should choose a favorite faction naturally, if they want to focus on only one. It could also be confusing seeing drums of war stats in addition to all the other information available to learn about at the start of the game, like rating, league progression, and daily challenges.
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  10. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    See before I thought Senshu was a Dev, he's a green, and that's all I mean by constantly calling out Sok and Senshu, I'd do the same for loose goose but he's got code to work on so if I never hear from him...good, ty for that effort.

    But if I hear from Senshu, which I know now to be partially if not entirely in charge of community relations...

    Where has the community driven content been? And why does it have to be promised as released content for it to be a thread in the forums?

    That's my problem, which has been now directed only at Senshu since that apparently is his job title...why do you need to have Soks permission to make a community lore contest?

    I specifically said "why do you need to ask permission..." because if Senshu is actually in charge of the community as his job title states (what is his job title) then he should absolutely have free reign of the forums.
  11. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    *cough* Implement DoW to players at shrine lvl X *cough* the Devs don't know how to design content that proactively directs players, rather they just remove content and let players blindly click in the darkness *cough*

    But yes I actually agree with all of what you're saying. I honestly just found Senshu excuse for why the content was being removed not acceptable.

    I gave the example that forging/Sharding Runes depletes your rune collection which further pushes a player into a single faction, guess it all depends on how often/ what a player shards.

    lol certainly don't think DoW was the best mechanic but removing it due to lore is kind of hilarious imo

    DoW is getting removed, irdc. It was the BS excuse that annoyed me and put me I wonder how long that took to come up with. Followed by a little tidbit about it might come back but without any way of discussing those mechanics further the way Sok made a post about Heroes, which is why I asked if the two speak to each other considering Senshu could have made the announcement and Sok could have further discussed it.

    Which will come first, the rework to Heroes or DoW? Or will they happen simultaneously with a Shrine/Avatar lvl rework so that lvling your shrine up becomes 'DoW' which generates a Hero for you or something.
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    Senshu and Sok work for DoG, for Gedden, so its not up to them, they are employees, they cant give free rewards(game content, web spotlight, any kind of reward, etc) for free without autorization(any kind of contet = money, you cant give away your companys money without autorization). DoG is a company and has legal stuff going on too.
    They also cant give the company's information to the community without autorization.
    If sony legally requires DoG to not release contract info then DoG cant or else will face legal actions. So i would say so far we are lucky to know this much about whats going on behind the courtains.
  13. aseryen

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    You're right, you're not wrong however...I never said anything about generating anything for free or that anything should be given to the players.

    If DOGs is in a contract like that, that's unfortunate but Idt that's the case. SONY provides funding, not much more, and if there is a person or persons at SONY that knows more than me about Poxnora...I want their job lol
  14. Flyingfinn

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    Indeed. After DoW ended (takes too long to get the whatever prize it is) I slowly stopped playing.

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    You mentioned "Lore Contests" which their usual reward is the Lore put on the website or some runes and any kind of game content(spotlight, uploaded player's content, currency prices) its the equivalent to real money so they have to ask for permission.

    DoG IS in a contract with sony, Sony does not provide funding just because they are buddys.. noone does lol
    Almost any kind of deal between two companies has some kind of non disclosure agreement and conditions. Sok mentioned in the "Very worryed about PS4 release"-thread that one of the conditions Sony asked was exclusive content for PS players and the easyest way to make it without giving them "new content" was reskins.
  16. aseryen

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    Just seems like someone lost their balls, maybe I lost my marbles and that's just the case.

    If gamers are so ADHD that they hear contest and think "whu, that means if I win I get what I want now? Wha?!"

    No, I didn't say any of that.

    Why is there a Dischord channel when there is the forums, don't get hung up on this example, it's because that's a better service to communicate and is another outlet for us to talk on. whenever I've logged onto the channel it's been about the games being played at that time.

    Now having an officially thread, which would set out the guidelines and what players can expect, so if there is any contract DOGs has with SONY, someone's grandmother, whoever, they can state right there, point blank and clearly that "this is a long running community driven event that has no direct influence in the game"

    Theres a thread about favorite rune art, if I were to make some fan art and post it there, I wouldn't expect to have my art posted in the game.

    There's a rune ideas forum entire section...and everyone knows those ideas are not expected to be in the game.

    You're right, 'contest' does have some kind of expectation of winning/being rewarded. But damn if you have to be so right that you bring out NDAs from a company you have no affiliation with or have any way of knowing what it says. idk what the community is doing defending SONY, you as a gamer should be asking for content, an NDA has no way of restricting that process.

    If you're going to 'have to be right' don't make it so conditional that you've literally removed the voice of the greens. They can still make a thread and post very clearly that the content discussed in the thread isn't expected to be released, but at least have a lore thread the same way Sok just decided to make a thread about Heroes changing. How can SONY have a NondisclosureAgreement, or any kind of contract for that matter, that limits content being released, especially when the content will be of the same mold SONY funded in the first place.

    I'm a bit confused as to how an NDA dictates game design and the release of content, however it is very clear how contracts and titles of someone 'working in the industry' can make a gamer think they have no input into a game, let alone some hypothetical 'this is what I like about the lore' discussions...

    Unless literally the NDA is that you can't talk about content until X months before the release of it
  17. Kampel

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  18. Kampel

    Kampel I need me some PIE!

    a NDA works like "Fight's Club" rules, there is stuff that you cant make public. period. The best example is when DoG took over Pox from SoE. Its a legally enforced silence pact about a legal deal, basically. Every company in the world does this..

    A NDA is a little part of every deal(only thing it does is to make information confidential), it seems pox's deal with SONY was about funding for a client update to release in PS4 and Vita and who knows what else. and a condition SONY wanted was exclusive content for PS releases, and the easyest way to make new content "exclusive" without having to design runes which would not be playable by PC players was to just make reskins of excisting runes. thats all i was saying..
  19. Axeraiser

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    Are the lims runes only for release day ? Like my PS + thing is expired but il be reknewing it on the 28th when i get paid, will i still get the runes if i wait till then to get pox ?
  20. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    You're saying the NDA states in some way that the Devs are unable to get input from the community via an official thread, 'Lore Contest' as you put it. It doesn't have to be a contest...which is why I used Soks hero thread as an example, it's not a contest but he opened the discussion to the community.

    Why does lore not have a thread open like that? Personally Idt an NDA has anything to do with it, especially when we have rune suggestions and now the thread about a hypothetical hero rework. Oh and the cactar crate, just nothing specifically for lore.

    Nothing wrong with posting in the rune ideas section but it seems like if a green were to start the thread there would be more collaboration.

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