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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phynixe, Jul 10, 2018.

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    Well apparently DOG is willing to let the game end in a 404 error. So at this stage you can end this thread. Whoever thinks Blizzard will buy this is smoking something illegal. They create original stuff, not market other companies dead games.
    Besides, I and others have tried multiple venues to get ahold of ANYONE at DOG and there is no response. This game will simply die and there will be no glory attached to it unless someone can actually get DOG to respond. This may be @Gedden's middle finger to Pox fans for booing him on his version of a Pox revamp.
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    Champions of "whatever" (now dead), Shardbound (pretty much dead), and Longsword tabletop tactics (death's door) are about as close to attempted pox 2.0 as you can get. These included similar IP's/styles, solo funded, crowdfunded, simplified, complex, so on and so forth and the result is not so good.

    Duelyst and Faeria seem to be doing fine. Pox has been running on labor of love fumes for a long time but I think it's pretty safe to say that the tank is now empty. I'm not angry or sad, I'm happy for Pox's truly remarkable run when you think about it's lifespan.
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    That's exactly why Pox has such great potential; for a game that's always had a relatively small population, it's always been alive. If somehow the tables turned and the game improved in all the elements it currently fails at, or at least a sufficient amount of improvements, the game would remain sustainable. But, there's only so much sustainability one game can hold before it eventually wears down, which is, in fact, the case for Poxnora. You can take a battering ram and pound at the same metallic door for years, it'll eventually weaken.
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    The point isn't that you can't do it. The point is that these endeavors don't actually make much money especially when ran this way.

    Let's imagine DOG pays some intern part-timer to maintain a shop at 10k a year.

    A t-shirt will net you somewhere around 3 dollars per shirt, so you'd need over 3000 shirts a year just to break even - do you think that's likely?

    Of course, if you are a small time youtuber and you want some extra cash and are willing to just do the legwork yourself, 10k a year is a lot but since it just costs you sweat equity it's fine because your time isn't all that valuable.

    Meanwhile, Pox expansions generates 6 figures and a programmer like Gedden commands 6 figures a year on the open market easily... so the scales are massively different and is why Pox wasn't operating a massive merch shop. Relative to the core business it's just a distraction that also requires a bunch of accounting/tax setup (you have to collect sales tax depending on where you ship to, etc.), business development (establishing good relationships with producers help increase profit margins), product development (if you don't care about quality, whatever, but there is often a lot of back and forth designing/getting samples, etc. before you get the product right).

    You are right, it really doesn't take much to set it up if you just want one, but it also won't actually do much either.


    As an aside, for people who visited Pox booths during conventions, etc. they may actually have some merch/swag that were given away. There were t-shirts, cards, and even posters made (I believe DMR has a poster maybe?).
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    Well, if someone were to buy the game, it'd be for the IP/assets at this point and not the game itself. But Blizzard has enough IP of its own so you are probably right about them specifically.
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    only alive if every player drops $200 on each expansion and midterm, im actually happy the expansions stopped, they were coming too thick and fast, poxnora's buisiness model of milking the few players for everything they have is outdated. i uninstall games like this nowadays, where you spend money on virtual nothings and end up with nothing to show for all the cash you spent, will make grown men cry when they look back on it. well at least poxnora gave you cards, most in app purchases give you nothing and expect further periodic investments. i hope i never play another game with booster packs and all the bad luck that brings... unless you can earn everything by just playing the game.
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    childish response
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    Hey Sok are you implying Pox is on the market?
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    If that is the case, however, an effective response...
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    I think YOU are the one who missed the point. If you read the article, it was the sales projection that Sok was trying to highlight

    "Average sales conversion rates are between .005% and 3% of your audience, so to make merchandising cost effective it generally means having a large audience to sell to."

    With Pox's playerbase and referring to an average of sales on merchandise in other markets, the revenue generated is less than the cost of production for a game with a community as small as it is here.

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