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  1. Burcho

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    Rune Checklist:
    * Runes. Get rid of them. They mess up my beautiful checklist.

    this was done.

    To go further on Flyingfinn: class list is also not alphabetical

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    @nivekflakes Ability Filter added to the list.
    @Flyingfinn Race A-Z Fix added to the list.
    @Burcho Class A-Z added to the list. (Moved *runes to the completed category, thanks.)

    Any more? I've seen a couple good QoL threads recently. What I miss?
  3. Kampel

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    Be able to sort runes by nora cost

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    I saw that around the forums earlier and already added it then.
  5. Kampel

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    1)To make Faction selection a core mechanic of Poxnora's experience.
    Kind of when you picked your faction on "Conquest of Champeons", make the game so players feel more identified with their fav faction (things like having logos and decoration of the faction, faction's theme inside the client(like the ones in the webpage) and stuff like that.)
    When you start you can pick your faction and you get the free avatar and banner, and next to your nickname a little logo.

    2)The "user view" page inside the client. (When you search for a player in the website you can see all his faction points, achivements and latest games.)
  6. mw24

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    races in the checklist need to be in alphabetical order... Also demon elves need to be separated from elves.
  7. Morfeas

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    Please fix these finally T_T @Sokolov
    • Avatar EXP post game when reached level 50 is shown weirdly, the bar is neither full or empty.
    • On the Rune Manager, if you view the runes by list, legendary runes show up as "premiumedition" with grey color text and limited runes show up as "limitededition" but with green color text: So reverse the colors, add a space between the words "limitededition" and rename "premiumedition" to legendary.
    • When you view your runes by list, and hover over their upgrades (without clicking on the rune), some upgrades show their rank number in parenthesis and some not; for example my Lichling with Initiative 2 shows just "Initiative" on the pop up when I hover over the upgrade, while my Utterdark Soulrender with Initiative 2 shows "Initiative (2)". Happens with many other abilities too. And it doesn't have to do with whether the champion has many ranks of the ability available (both aforementioned champs have both Initiative 1 and 2 as possible upgrades).
    • Bring back New Runes & Show Current BG Tabs in RM
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    Moles doesn't visit the forums much anymore. You'd be better off asking Sokolov, or Senshu, and they'll put a order in for it, and Moles will get to it when he gets to it.

    Also, I'll add these to the list when I get around to it. Thx.
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  9. Gaedel

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    1. How about making Pox available on tablets and phones, both I-pad/I-phone and Android. That should increase users as well. Everyone plays on tablets these days. I play a game called Forge of Empires, I can play on PC, my Kindle tablet, Windows tablet, Android tablet and Android phone with the same account. If it only had PC I would not play it.

    2. Combat log to export to text file.
    3. Ability to replay previous games, step-by-step.

    This next one would probably be too much, but I thought I would mention it anyway:

    4. Games database, such as Chessbase. Ability to scan and replay any game, whether it is your game or somebody elses, with analysis.

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    Likely impossible with the current capabilities of the dev team. What may work, and I may be derping on this, but I distinctly remember there being a browser version of this game. I pads should be able to access it if we get that up an running again.
  11. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    Note: We are monitoring this threads (and others like it). We don't have anything specific to announce but we are working on this stuff (you may have seen some things being fixed here and there already).
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    Yup, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate it.
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  13. Vorian

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    A lot people agree this game can stressful, so what can we do to make it less stressful?
  14. Sealer0

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    Disable losing.
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  15. Vorian

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    They took the stress out of the game by changing the ranking system.

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  17. Kampel

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    *Mini Achievements*
    For games vs AI there could be random "Challenges" that appear at the start of your turns, things like "Spend all AP on all your champs for 5 turns", "Do not end turn adjacent to an enemy champ", "Do not deal magic damage for 3 turns" and things that force you to change your strategy for a couple turns, for each one you achieve you get +25(?) gold and at the end of the battle you also get extra gold for the biggest successful streak.
    This achievements are supposed to be random or map/faction dependant, if you fail one it just skips to the next one(but you get smaller successful streak reward). Could be a max amount of challenges per game, that would be devs choice.

    Some ideas for this mini achievements are:
    "Do not deal X type of damage for X turns"
    "End your turn without AP/Charges/relics/Summons/Flying champs/etc."
    "Do not lose HP/ATK/DEF/RNG/SPD for X turns"
    "Do not Heal/Vampiric Heal for X turns"
    "Do not kill an enemy Champ/Relic/Summon/etc for X turns"
    "Deal 25/50/100/150/200 damage in X turns"
    "You have X turns to have X ammount of Relics/Champs/etc in play"
    "Do not take X type of damage for X turns"
    "Use 5/10 spells in X turns"
    "You have X turns to have 6 relics in play"

    Imo this could make the grinding the AI part of the game more fun
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  18. GabrielQ

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    Some gameplay QoL
    A) incorporeal style pathing for champions with mobility
    B) hunter's blind displaying 4-8 "ghost" range
    C) manic pathing showing when you hover over the ability
    D) dispellable/ cleansable color coding
    E) fatigued condition showing again (because it's more used than before)
    F) Knockback path showing, this has been requested but I thought of a implementation that may (or may not, idk) be simple
    The idea would be that when you hover over selected abilities (slam, knockback, explosive attack, tremor, etc) arrows like the ones in the picture (but transparent) would appear displayed in the ability's range, so instead of displaying just the range it would also show the direction of knockback, this may be simpler than a shadow appearing besides the targeted champion as it was suggested before.
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  19. kalasle

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    Champions on 0 AP (fatigued) have darkened idols, and show 0 AP on their HUD. I think this is pretty clear already.
  20. GabrielQ

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    It's clear that they are fatigued, it's not clear that fatigued is a condition.
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