Question about backlash + soul tapped.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ghklf, Feb 13, 2015.

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    You just need to possess the Champion you want to Nora Shield.
    As to Backlash and Soultapped: It's either WAI, then the wording is misleading and Backlash should be reworded, or it's not WAI, then the interaction should be changed.
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    "you monster"~ GlaDOS
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  3. Moles

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    The way I see this combo, is that the champion taking the damage from soultapped IS generating nora, the owner does not receive this nora - but the opposing player does, so it is still technically nora generation, and makes for a nice combination deck.

    So although this isn't technically a bug, its something thats a little open to more of a design focused discussion with Sokolov.

    Keeper of memories not being countered by backlash IS a bug and we have a ticket for it, which will hopefully be fixed in the next patch.
  4. narvoxx

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    So then the description of backlash needs updating.

    Backlash reads it only hits champions that generate nora through an ABILITY, and Soultapped is a condition (applied by the Soultap ability, or other abilities).
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  5. Moles

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    I see what you're saying now, yeah thats something i'll have to refer to @Sokolov as its more of a design intention thing.
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  6. ghklf

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    Cool, thank you for clarifying it.
  7. Ragic

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    does the game actually distinguish between abilities and conditions? I think pretty much every icon on your champ is technically an ability. in the fire acolyte example given above charred is an exception stated specifically in the ability description.
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    That example was terrible for his argument because it doesn't state "Whenever a champion takes fire damage from an ability." it states "Whenever a champion takes Fire damage."
  9. Ragic

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    so I can go to poxbase and do a search on 'conditions'?
  10. Nea

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    I consolidate Conditions and Mechanics into a single list of "Effects" to keep things simpler, but I mark them appropriately. As far as the guts of the game go - Conditions are separate entities, independent from Abilities. They overlap in functionality since we can have temporary Abilities on champions, but that doesn't make those Abilities into Conditions. As @IMAGIRL pointed out - they even have different UI representations.
  11. Ragic

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    just to be clear are conditions a tag that pox puts on them or one that you do?
  12. Nea

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    The tag is my doing, but so is putting them on a single list. They are separate things and have separate API endpoints, I make one request to get all Conditions, put them into Effects tagged as "Condition", then fetch all the Mechanics with a separate request and put them into Effects without the tag.

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