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Discussion in 'Underdepths' started by Yourmom, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. Yourmom

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    The vulnerability fire is self explanatory. However, I guess I would like clarification on disspell and what is considered a "positive condition". I just tried to use Purefire on a Draksar shifter and when he was in dragon form and it didn't remove it. Wouldn't that be considered a positive condition?
  2. Legato

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    Doesn't work 'form' abilities.

    It works on almost any external buff whether it's from another unit or a spell. There are some exceptions, like Grant: take form aren't interpreted as a 'buff' or condition just a new base state for the unit, though not necessarily permanent.

    So the likes of:
    Horrific Mutation
    Righteous Deflection
    Bubble of Protection
    Treefolk's Blessing

    But not anything like:

    Also mid-cases wherein two units, a dispatcher and receiver of in effect but a specific one is the one that has to be targeted to remove it, like Bodyguard.
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  3. Amberite

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    So if serkan is being bodyguarded by a Death guard, which one do you Purefire?
  4. Yourmom

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    the form abilities still state that they are conditions so I assume that they would be possitive conditions since they aren't negative conditions. Unless there is such a thing as neutral conditions...
  5. Baskitkase

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    The BGer.

    You can also stun or paralyze the BGer, or KB one out of range.

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