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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Sokolov, Feb 13, 2019.

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    Story 1: Muslim Man Executed, Denied Imam Presence


    This one has been all over social media lately with the claim that this is religious discrimination - and that this man "died alone" because of it.

    I disagree. I have read the documentation pertaining to the case. There were multiple appeals on various grounds with detailed explanations though this article focuses on the stay of execution.

    The reality is this:
    • Alabama state law specifies that the facility has to provide a non-Catholic, Christian chaplain
    • Ray (man to be executed) found out about this and requested his imam
      • This was denied on security grounds - they can't allow outside personnel to be in the execution chamber
    • Ray requested the chaplain requirement be waived
      • This was granted
    Is it possible that if the man had been say, Shinto, he'd have been allowed to have someone? It is POSSIBLE, but I don't believe so. There is no evidence that anything in this case had to do with discrimination or Muslims in particular.

    Story 2: Activision Blizzard Lays Off Hundreds Of Employees


    Much of the discussion around this has been on whether a company making record profits and pays its CEO 27 million dollars laying off hundreds of people is simply corporate creed.

    But it seems to be lost on people that this is a massive company and a large of why this is happening is that they seem to be shuttering some non-game initiatives which weren't doing well. It can be true that one part of your business is wildly successful while another part is not - and just because you are doing well overall doesn't mean you have to keep doing the part that isn't working.

    Story 3: Fortnite’s Marshmello Concert: More Than a Publicity Stunt


    I am expecting that there will be many millions of dollars suddenly being invested by VCs into new startups hoping to create virtual concert platforms, not recognizing that this success is likely predicated on having a huge install base in an ecosystem that provides other value.
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    I think the lack of comment on this illustrates why nobody bothers with voicing non partisan opinions - it doesn’t generate discussion (argument).

    Which is probably part of the reason that the internet tends to polarise people. People say or share controversial or baiting or partisan stuff because they know it will generate dialogue - soon enough everyone is taking hard lines and talking in rhetoric and think the other side is only capable of the same.
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    I didn’t comment because I come to these forums to talk about Pox Nora!

    Call me a simplistic Luddite.
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    I know a few men doing prison ministry in our area, and they go through quite a bit just get permission to go into the prisons. Most prisons only staff Chaplains. I wonder if this is because of cost and tradition.

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