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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rivin1020, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. rivin1020

    rivin1020 New Member

    what card is that with hunter trait plz
    why not just use a marker on card if daily or weekly
    make it a lot more easy to find

    frustrating to look if you new to game or have a life
    and it be so easy as player gets to know hole bunch of cards easier as well
    as they introduced to the cards and there functions
  2. poxrooster

    poxrooster The Pox Chameleon

    Yeah, this would be nice. But the game is dead. There won't be anyone to answer that question for you. :(
  3. rivin1020

    rivin1020 New Member

    it just need polish
    I know game is dead as 1 its to hard to get started for a beginner
    there is no cp grind if there is you play skill has to be high ...frustration plays the biggest part!
    and if they put surge into it it would make it better.
    also to first point there are now easy maps for mixed decks....
    the idea is to get the player into game them they can expand growth
    I believe that pvp version of deck should have a different value to pve version of same card
    and so on pve all nurfs are removed....mix deck is about skill with what you use not if some 1 has a stronger card or not
    for is player chose of deck.
    all 8 learner levels should be set to allow mixed deck for cp gain so 1 is not wasting time or dyeing just to get cp to move on
    to a progressive ly harder deck.
    once a player gains confidence then the game can run as it is you see...player is into game deep with out realising it as they having fun
    not going dang I need to die 20 times for weekly
    in turn weekly's like I mentioned in top post...10 to 20 is realistic 20-40 arrrr to much
    also a player should get to draw 2 cards a day for free .. common to rear and uncommon to exotic
    it might even have 40-80 shards or maybe a token with in the variables
    making it interesting before you get on your way
    there are so many things that can be done but it take a bit off effort

    thanks by the way for answer
  4. rivin1020

    rivin1020 New Member

    surge :legend deck only fonts you take have surge and drop red mana balls allowing for fast nora gain to launch deck
    only other card that can go into deck is are silver in color.
    and so you play to farm legendary deck
    and if some quests to go with it were if you lucky you gain a silver card
    and the game plays from point a to point b then from point b to c and so on like rpg as it full fills legendry quests
    and there for a forward scrolling not back and forth
    like were the trees are deleted a strip were is the farm house that use to be there?

    no one thing about sets there are not different races but 1 astatically pleasing set that looks like a set
    and set is expansion set if you like to think of it it that way,this could be any set peace you have re forged as legendary
    and so legendary name and so re work of ability's
    also cross hair on attack should offer player attack options so no sliding back and forth and bla just click click its dead
    and so there for lots of hud mods to be done.

    I think I deserve a rear harpy for my effort here I lost my one 9 years ago and the original version looked a hole lot better to this
    nurfing take you finger out the pie its not yours and what you did to this game I think your mothers a hamster dev team ..but I know you not!

    was I ranting oh well sorry I was looking at a sl charger that was leet to have in deck but looks like nerf nerf nerf
    people played the game wy don't they now?
  5. rivin1020

    rivin1020 New Member

    to add every card should come in every version so 2000 becomes 12000 and so at level 3 it can be crafted to next version at cost of a new currency
    like :"rainbow shard "..adds 12000+(x)
    also when choosing target becomes problem when stacked and so cam position toggle (no)
    better if trans parent you can see stuff and a combat token /icon should appear above enemy's heads so you have idea
    to add also affects /condition you face from opponent should be listed on affect.
    I must be collecting rear harpy's lol
  6. rivin1020

    rivin1020 New Member

    oh yes affective on set terrain should be on any terrain rather so function to get bones from terrain not set terrain
    allows versatility
    trying to rework draksar Euan's last stand deck with a few mixes in there but ye
    I bilevel equipment and runes and spells should have no function as classed
    only the champions and war banner relic.
    and so bones .work of that allowing a hole new game and possibility's.
  7. rivin1020

    rivin1020 New Member

    I see lots and I think every time a deck gets strong they nerf it like Jackie shard master was a must in my mixed deck but total waist of time I my self am frustrated in the culling of power
    any way
  8. rivin1020

    rivin1020 New Member

    note: how about drops when defeating a champ like a shard or a cp+5 or nora ball or even a common to more
    and so player has gain and reword in game as well as at end
    makes it inturesting
    note to forge if cp+ maybe 4 slices make a bronze token and can craft bronze token for +50cp

    ill go play with drac archer and pretend it has not had the living **** nurfed out of it
    and feel all melancholy ...
  9. Kendoshi

    Kendoshi I need me some PIE!

    Nice to see new people joining and being so enthusiastic about the game. Unfortunately you missed the time to play it with a competitive and lively playerbase. Sorry bro!

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