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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by Raikan, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Raikan

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    (1) I'll miss fascinate on ancient slag more than swallow whole; without either, it seems like his presence/threat has been reduced to the point where he can be ignored pretty easily by the opponent. Shatter seems out of place on a front-line tank, especially in a faction with diamond mace.

    (2) RIP Sceian. I'll miss Warcry powerturns involving instigator or relocate and any newly deploy champion. I don't really understand why Warcry was race-limited. If the ability is too strong as is, it will still be too strong in racially homogenous groups. This change just denies racially mixed bgs access to the ability...not really sure why that should be the case.
  2. Ifem21

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    R.I.P. Slags, they are fun to play, but never top rank. Don't see why the nerf u.u
    Also, I think Warcry was nerfed more because of DK then Sceian. Now, the Admiral Bat is only good with other batties.
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    i will say also Rip Flamefist in a certain way : yes now he has more mobility but goodbye nice combos ( and he lost dogpile in the previous patch btw)
    Sceian now is really just available in a strictly Voil BG ( or a good stuff bg with a bunch of voil in it).
    The ancient slag nerf was pretty huge (I used it in my meta bg with colossal and Spike to make it really really tanky).
    Moga Lord's Guard was a right nerf, he was too efficient and had to be toned down.
    Will see what the midterm will give to us...hoping for a new slag with Ooze front (that will be cool) or a new Ranged Voil (maybe something lorewise that goes against the increasing Nids resistance)
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