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    We plan on periodically updating the Battlegroups (Decks) both for the ones available to players and AI. If you have a interesting idea for a deck that would be fun to play then please share it with us by posting in the Rune & Suggestions Forum.

    Battlegroup Suggestion Requirements:
    • No more than 2x Exotic Champions (some exceptions may be allowed).
    • No more than 4x Exotic Runes in total (no exceptions).
    • Battlegroup suggstions should be competitive. In the hands of a skilled player they should be able to compete in ranked games.
    • No LE / Legendary runes / Split faction runes
    • Must follow the rules of the game (no 4x hammer strikes)
    Starter Battlegroup:
    • Strong preference for some runes from the first five expansions.
    • Should be a single faction.
    • It should be easy to play, with a trick or two up its sleeve! In general using the same rune multiple times in a Battlegroup means there are fewer mechanics to learn, which makes it easier to play. Also runes with advanced mechanics (like charges) should probably be avoided.
    Theme Battlegroup:
    • Must have a interesting theme or mechanic.
    • Theme Decks can also be suggested as Starter Decks if they generally adhere to the guidelines above.
    Submission Guidelines:

    To make it easier for us to assess your deck suggestion and for other players to provide constructive feedback please consider these guidelines.
    • Keep each submission post to one faction.
    • Try to minimize the number of decks you suggest.
    • In the thread title state that this is a Battlegroup Suggestion, the Faction, a brief Description, and whether it is a Starter Deck or Theme.
    • You must provide a PoxBase link to your suggestion.
    • State in the post what is unique about this suggestion and why you think it would be a good addition to the Pox Nora roster.
    • List the Runes for the suggested Battlegroup in your post in the event something happens to the PoxBase link.
    • Make sure you use the full name of any Runes mentioned in your post.
    • You don’t have to build an entire deck from scratch. It can be a modification or a suggested improvement on an existing Battlegroup.
    This post may be edited on occasion to stay up to date with Desert Owl Games' design policies.

    Lets see what ya got!
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