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    We at Desert Owl Games understand the importance of Pox Nora meeting the needs and expectations of players, so we are open to new Rune ideas. If you have an idea for a Rune that would be a great addition to Pox Nora please share it by posting in the Rune & Suggestions Forum.

    Suggestion Guidelines:

    Rune Suggestions must be comparable in quality and strength to Runes of a similar quality.
    • Rarity: Please state the intended rarity of the Rune you are suggesting.
    • Stats: Please list out the full stats of the Rune you are suggesting.
    • Abilities: Please list all the abilities both active and passive for Runes.
    • Faction: Please state the intended faction of your Rune suggestion.

    Rune Name
    Race: ?, Class: ?, Size: ?, Rarity: ?
    : (Short Description)
    Nora Cost:

    Champion Stats
    ?, SPD: ?, RNG: ?, DEF: ?, HP: ?

    Champion Abilities
    Attack: ?
    Other Ability
    Other Ability with Effect: (Effect #) Etc.

    Upgrade Ability Set #1
    Ability #1
    Ability #2
    Ability #3

    Upgrade Ability Set #2
    Ability #1
    Ability #2
    Ability #3

    Questions to Answer:

    To encourage a healthy discussion and increase the chances of your Rune suggestions being selected please answer the following questions in your suggestion post.
    • What role is this Rune intend to fill?
    • Why isn't this Rune's role being fulfilled by similar Runes?
    • How is this Rune different from what is already in Pox Nora?
    • How is this Rune competitive and why would it be used over other Runes?
    • What makes this Rune unique and fun to use?
    This post may be edited on occasion to stay up to date with Desert Owl Games' design policies.

    Let those ideas flow!
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