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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by guokamoli54, Apr 10, 2018.

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    Hey guys I've been a long time player of this game started back around the ST expansion? And have been active in the forums for quite a while. I played this game for 11 years I've been on and off the past few years due to life but I always come back to play any chance I get. This game is such a big part of my life and with all the doomsday talk I've heard it's been making me think about what happens if this great game ends and I just had a few questions I wanted to talk about to see what everyone else thought.

    If the game goes down what exactly does that entail? Would we still be able to play just with no updates happening or new runes, or would the game be completely ripped off the web?

    Would DOG consider selling it to another company that has the time and resources to work on it? (if so would sok go with them because he has put so much work into this game and I feel he truly appreciates it)

    Would there be any chance for the players to sell there collections some how or would they just lose everything?

    Or is all this doomsday talk just people that are upset that there hasn't been any updates recently and the player base is kinda lacking right now?

    Just wanted to see if anyone else had any of these concerns and maybe we could get some idea what is going on. Feel free to add whatever questions you have as well. Just wanted to get this stuff of my chest been thinking about it a lot lately and needed to ask. Thanks for taking the time to read this wall of text for anyone who makes it this far lol
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    sok said no closing discussion have been heard by dog's side, they already own servers so if they don't release content its not that expensive to keep going, and they already have a new expansion ready in illustrations and design, just to be coded (but remember it was just units with already existing abilities), so i'm quite sure we will see this one. Maybe it will be last one and then the game will just keep going like that, i dont know. But as long as Pox is up, i think its worth playing it.
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    My opinion based on nothing but speculation:
    Depends on how the other DOG games are doing. As far as I can tell Space Wars is their current big project which is seemingly dead as well. The kickstarter failed. Reviews on Steam are meh at best and metacritic doesn't even have reviews for it. The other games are meh at best as well. Right now I'd place my bets on DOG going belly up sometime Soon™ and with that Pox would be offline as well.

    The question is would anybody consider buying this mess in its current state?

    If Pox goes offline it will likely be due to a lack of resources to keep it alive. So the chances of them bringing out the secret stash and paying people back the money they invested would be none.. even if we lived in the Fairy Magic Land where that could have been a chance to begin with.

    The game is like 12 years old and went through a failed and likely expensive restructuring process recently followed by over a year of relative silence. Pox is clinically dead at this point. There is a chance for a revival since apparently an expansion is at least partly done somewhere. But it has been partly done for a while. And the more time passes the less likely it becomes that it will see the light of day.
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