Remembering all the missed dudes

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cydna, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    I wish more of the older players like Only, Nidhogg, Occulus, Nihilarian, etc. were still around. Would be nice compared to playing the same 10-15 people. :/

    TheKracken, Devourx, Nally, Grgoo, Neil, Kaboose...

    Who do you miss?
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  2. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    those are the new school vets dude. And nally? wtf? that guy is a freakin nub.

    Only was really cool, so was Nid and Nih. Pede used to be cool
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  3. Morfeas

    Morfeas I need me some PIE!

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  4. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    If you made me choose between Nally and Mw, i'd choose Nally 11 out of 10 times. I tried looking through games but I went back to like 2013.
  5. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    Mw is just a rebellious teenager, nally was stupid as firk.
  6. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    You gotta admit nally was funny though. Not to mention when he was dating that girl over Pox and got dumped... Classic.

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    He's around behind the scenes. He pops in once every 3 months or so.
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  8. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    Funny like Charlie in Flowers of Algernon? Yeah, I suppose.
  9. BurnPyro

    BurnPyro Forum Royalty

    No, he wasn't
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  10. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    I remember that one SL player Burnpyro used to be cool. Dunno what happened... I think he got fat or something.
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  11. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    Bring back sepulcher!
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  12. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    I remember I recorded him play vs. H0spy. I was pming him throughout the game to make him lose vs. H0spies soul trap deck. Was pretty hilarious.
  13. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    Sepulcher, Claude, Sinwind, Kithros, etc.
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  14. Firk

    Firk I need me some PIE!

    I miss all the guys who used to play in my guild Dos was nice chatting with them
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  15. Arghas

    Arghas New Member

    Interesting...i've never heard of these vets you mention of. Although, i do remember who market was pertaining to.
  16. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    I miss goldmonkee. Only good ST player ever?
  17. darklord48

    darklord48 Forum Royalty

    Greatbeard, Revenancer, Tenletters, Ogre, Osmosisch, Miranda, and Paladin are the ones I remember most.
  18. Firk

    Firk I need me some PIE!

  19. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    right, him too
  20. Tweek516

    Tweek516 I need me some PIE!

    Saw gold monkee around not oo long ago.

    Also, I miss sep.

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