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Discussion in 'Savage Tundra' started by Phynixe, May 14, 2017.

  1. Phynixe

    Phynixe I need me some PIE!

    Hey guys,

    So I just came back recently, and picked up the Ferren deck I'd used prior to my departure. I've found extreme success with it so far, where the only losses I've had so far are pretty much due to minor miscalculations (Lots of swapping, multiattack-developing, etc.)


    Ferren are strong, but not absolutely and outright competitive within the current meta, and it is a deck that requires the patience to consider every single angle of various plays within a single turn.

    Every turn whilst playing Ferren requires the following questions:

    Do I use Swap from X unit with Swap unit Y, or vice versa?
    What chain of swapping should I use this turn?
    Who do I swap with in order to create the necessary power turn?
    Should I deploy a champion with a relocation, or to I try to put a beater down?
    Do I need any support champions right now?
    What is the best possible outcome that can come off if I do a swap powerturn?
    How can I set up my next swap turn? If my opponent moves X, Y, Z, etc here or there, would I be able to pull of the swap power turn if I do this?

    However, there are a few no brainers in this deck to consider:

    1. ALWAYS make sure to have a Ferren Master out whenever possible.
    2. ALWAYS have at least 1 swap champion out.
    3. ALWAYS have 2+ champions with a relocation ability out.

    Some crucial notes:

    1. Ferren Pouncer is an extremely powerful champion to have deployed when a Ferren Master is out.
    2. Always have Ferren Master or K'ento attempting to take control of the middle font, with units that have a relocation effect supporting them in the back.
    3. Positioning is key with Ferren, always anticipate and take into consideration several turns ahead of the present.
    4. Arctic Discipline + Breath of L'Usaara are extremely powerful together when combined.
    5. Ferren hideout permits power turns, not only because it relocates a unit, but simply because of the global buffs it provides towards Ferren Brawler and Ferren Master.

    Champions and Ratings:

    2x Ferren Brawlers~ 10/10 ~ Seismic Leap and Portal Watcher
    2x Ferren Cloudwisp ~ 9/10 ~ Portal Walker and Disbelief
    2x Ferren Dancer ~ 8/10 ~ Soften and Swap
    2x Ferren Master ~ 1000/10 ~ Freezing Aura and Portal Watcher
    2x Ferren Ninja ~ 8/10 ~ Stealth and Kill Sense
    2x Ferren Pouncer ~ 10/10 ~ Pounce and Portal Walker
    Ferren Runner ~ 7/10 ~ Trickster and Relocate: Ally
    Ferren Snowspinner ~ 8/10 ~ Heal Champion 3 and Orb of Frostfall
    2x Ferren Wanderer ~ 10/10 ~ Swap and Majestic 1
    K'ento ~ 10/10 ~ Opportunistic and Purified
    The Silent Master ~ 8/10 ~ Portal Watcher and Preparation

    If you have any questions, let me know.
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  2. Regulate

    Regulate I need me some PIE!

    Why not leap on wanderer for 8speed autowin shenanigans? Just for the doublestack of watcher over a single proc?

    Can't fit a crystal phoenix? Feel like it's quite effective in ferren.

    Windwalker not worth a spot over ninja? Quite a good sidefont ferren, also another relocate effect.
  3. Phynixe

    Phynixe I need me some PIE!

    The deck is based on swapping. That is the strength of Ferren. It associates unexpected actions every turn as there are variety of different options that simply having leap doesn't provide. Also, swap can effectively provide 9 speed at max range, can trigger basic attacks that could not be possible with leap, and can combo well with other swap units.

    Windwalker is not worth it over ninja. Ninja has stealth, which is vital to at least have a source of stealth within a deck because of the dumb shenanigans and mind games that it inflicts. Having a pull effect is just too great to pass up on with ferren, because it can trigger an extra attack with your portal watchers.

    Crystal Phoenix is optional; you can easily replace one of the runes rated 8 or below for it. However, the if you're playing Ferren properly, you don't need a global source of healing. Ferren are the type to go in, get the job done, and disengage back to safety, hence why swap is a vital factor towards their playstyle.
  4. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff The King of Potatoes

    Thanks for posting this deck, with the new Ferren deck just costing 5k gold its easy to get all ferrens to try it out, now to learn to not stand wrong is a more tricky part for me :)
  5. Braxzee

    Braxzee I need me some PIE!

    Ferren are hard to play with the slowness and bugs of the new client. It took 20 secs for a swap move. The animation takes another 5 secs. Then the server looses the actual location of the ferren some times

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