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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by Raikan, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!

    @Sokolov posted a thread about buffs for the next patch:

    Rather than having him dig through a couple hundred posts to sort what SP wants/needs from the what other factions want/need, I thought it made sense to create a single thread here. Heroes and Titans are apparently off limits, and suggestions about switching abilities or changing stats will be more seriously considered than redesigning abilities (because that takes more programming time, and hours in the day are limited). Also, it looks like shoebox runes will get priority over non-shoebox runes and more common runes will get priority over less common runes (since they will be more accessible to new players). So let's try to come up with a well-thought out set of suggestions, including (1) why the rune needs a buff or isn't usable today; (2) how it should be buffed; and (3) how that buff will either open up a new play-style, enhance a theme, fill a missing role, etc.
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  2. Sirius

    Sirius I need me some PIE!

    Lightning Elemental. Is it simply my impression that there are better options to pick from when making a Lightning bg? Which is kind of sad since he's supposed to be the incarnation of Lightning and all that. I'd like him to be equally viable.
    I like how he attacks and moves/bolts around, but to be honest I don't know how to go about buffing him.

    Cave Dragon is a 2x2 5 speed that wants to land Petrifying Gaze. He could be quite cool and he is a potential target for those 5-speeder buffs Sok has ongoing. But I thought I'd mention him anyway.

    That's all I got for now.
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  3. Capricis

    Capricis Member

    Maybe make the following spells and equipment cheaper?

    Extended Reach
    Suicidal Attack
    Swimming Lessons
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  4. limone1981

    limone1981 I need me some PIE!

    -The Chaos Brave needs some love (giving him back quest kill enemy and lowering the price of Tectonic Pulse)

    -Voil Jester maybe a little bit cheaper
    -Cyclop Warwizard 6spd
    -Cyclop storm Caller to 10 dmg instead of 7
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  5. Ifem21

    Ifem21 The King of Potatoes

    -Chaos Brave: if he have back Quest Kill Enemy (wich is the priority due to all leg knights, excpet him and de SL one allways have it) take away Tectonic Pulse, increase his DMG, and rebalance the nora cost for Chuck Moga (it's too expensive right now).
    -Lighting elemental: are too costly rigth now to be usable, and he dies so easily that not worth using him. Maybe he have so much abilities that make him cost that expensive, taking away some of them, and giving him some good defensive option, maybe can fix him.
    -Ritual Crone: (I know he is split) that guy just do nothing. Really, what he is supposed to do? Use Magic Bombs when he loses HP? And then dealing a little more dmg due to Afflict? Seriously, this guy is a joke... a bad one.
    -Cyclop Stormcaller: low dmg, even with Ally ST activated, he does not worth running. His "bomb" atk deal so low dmg, that are others option that are much better than him.
  6. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!

    Sonic Flight: Cost from 8 nora to 3. Sonic Flight currently gives Flying; Vuln: Sonic (-3); and Evasive 1 (+3), but costs 8 nora. But Flying is ~ 3 nora, (Flight is 6 nora, but that includes Sentry 2, a 3 nora ability). The point is that every Sonic Flight unit has a 5 nora cost built-in manual increase. Alternatively, Sonic Flight could be redesigned to give each unit Flight instead of Flying, and its cost could go to 6.

    G'hern Sustainer: Personally, I think conduit is too situational to be useful for any champion. And I don't understand why resilience makes sense on a 0 def/0 defensive abilities champion. I also would like to see changes to sustain to make it + maximum health rather than healing, which will distinguish it from healing type abilities. But changing abilities is probably off the table for this patch, so the easy fix is to remove conduit and resilience (-11 nora) and add heal champion 3 (+9 nora).

    Ritual Cultist: TBD

    Ritual Crone: TBD

    Cyclops Warwizard: @RedScarlet might have a different view, but this guy is a jack-of-all trades and bad at all of them. He's a ranged magic damage dealer, but w/ dissipate and no dots. He's supposedly high-movement w/ teleport (except he only has speed 5); he is a booster (except SP doesn't really have beasts and his cyclops boost will be outdone by chieftain's boost 3 on a 2x2 base); and he generates or denies ap, except he doesn't really have the speed he needs to position himself effectively for either. Here's my suggestion: Remove Dissipate (+8 nora), +1 Speed (+5 nora), remove teleport 1 (-6 nora) Make him passive and reduce range to 1 (I'm estimating this as -30 nora, but could be off), for a net reduction of 23 nora, putting him at 46 nora w/ stall. I'd then add grant: magic aura to base (+6) and make U1: Grant: Teleport (+6); Swap 3 (+6); Grant Mobility (+3) and U2: Stall (+6), Metamorphosis (+10), Imbue Stun (+12). His total cost would be 55-64

    Chaos Brave: Red Scarlet and I both had fairly detailed suggestions at the bottom of this thread:
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  7. limone1981

    limone1981 I need me some PIE!

    Anout Sonic Flight will be great at that nora price to have evasive 2 but it will be too much...a nora cost decrease sounds more fair couting the cost of each ability.
    I still think that the Voil Jester is a bit overcosted

    edit:if hyenaid breaker can have a choice on U2 will be good
    edit2: hyenaid Pack Leader maybe remove pummel and substitue with sunder?( if I remeber correctly he had sunder pre revamp)
    and also I feel that the Sonic Ele (as the Voil jester) with 0 attack and just teleport it a bit too much costed
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