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Discussion in 'Forglar Swamp' started by Grimmgrin13, Dec 11, 2020.

  1. Grimmgrin13

    Grimmgrin13 New Member

    I'm a returning player that's trying to throw together a psychic BG. Any help, build advice or, tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. GabrielQ

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    hey man, you should note that the active playerbase mostly convenes in the Discord server:
    I hope to see you around.

    Psychic bgs have a Full faction variant and a UD/Split variant

    I'm gonna consider the FF one.

    The main synergy is psychic anguish, the ability on jellebrium extispicer that applies soultap to enemy champions damaged with psychic.
    Then the most powerful rune in the bg is stillwater mutant, his ability psychic agony damages all champions and if they are soultapped or there is a extipicer on the field, he also confuses and ensnares them.
    next in power is the firk voidmage, which has ranged psychic damage and the spatial displasia ability.
    you'll want champions with sabotage psychic, and with attack psychic obviously, there are several options:
    Firk executor
    Firk paraform (gains damage types as champions are damaged around him),
    Firk infiltrator
    Draksar psion (backlash and shatter summoned are useful)
    Firk Mindcaller
    firk mindweaver (for dreamstate)
    jellebrium overmind
    jellebrium mediator (disbelief, blockade and distracting blows)

    For support:
    Psychic blast
    Psionic impact
    firk mask
    usual FS stuff

    Example BG:
    2 stillwater mutant, 2 jellebrium extispicer, 2 firk voidmage, 2 firk paraform, 2 firk infiltrator, 2 jellebrium mediator, 2 jellebrium overmind, 1 draksar psion, 1 firk executor.
    2 psychic blast, 1 psionic impact 1 reverberating blast 1 bubble of protection 1 backfire 1 cleansing mist 1 monsoon 2 firk mask 1 font of restoration 1 spirit altar 1 poison trap 1 chillshard

    that'd be it
    if you equip the chillshard on a firk paraform he'll eventually win attack: psychic and attack: frost and thus double catalyst. the void shield build is better in this case as fonts can heal him plenty
  3. Grimmgrin13

    Grimmgrin13 New Member

    Thanks for the reply! And yeah, I just got in the discord and started poking around. I had the general runes and idea I just didn't know what to fill in the holes. I should be able to completely finish up the deck with next week's dailies.

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