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    Shadow hunter - shadowspawn, tempo - 67 nora
    For Korona i started with thirst and lifedrinker, but switched to bloodseeker and pummel lol. I think it's really to personal preference. With thirst and lifedrinker she can really go on a tear, but she lacks a way to close the gap so to speak. Play a few games with each and see :)
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    After playing some PvE and spectating ranked games, I finally played a couple of PvP encounters. I won easily, although I felt I had nice draws, went first and played against less experienced players. Here is a link to my Treachery BG:

    Any comments? Maybe I am going for a bit of an overkill with the AoE (Global) spell damage? The plan is to get two Manslayers and Griefsinger to trigger Echoes (CA2 and the big explosion on death). I'm thinking about cutting something to add a Mindslicer Boomerang and Shatter.
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    I do not really play ud competitively but this bg has gotten me some wins and is fun.
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    PiPPoInZ9 The King of Potatoes

    I also played some imps.

    Here is my current rendition:

    I should maybe cut Screaming Imp for the new pink one. I like cliffing people. That's why he and Deceiver are there. Should probably make room for PoV.

    BTW Strangler doesn't have Unequippable anymore? Demon Shield x2 auto.
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