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    the Netherlands disbanded the provincial police forces in 2012while creating a national police force to reduce admin.
    stop sending cops to non-cop jobs solves the overworked problem
    stop spending money on military hardware for police.
    you can do it merrycans... I sometimes believe in you?
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    That said, I agree with:
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    oh sorry you have a larger area so consolidating resources and reforming police to filter out bad cops and implement new policies is impossible, I forgot ;)\

    also the comparison does not have the special municipalities in the antilles that got added to the Netherlands when the Netherlands antilles split up to become 3 independant countries + change, change being added to the Netherlands as the afformentioned municipalities. for shame

    if you need any help though you can always give us back new amsterdam. we will have that place fixed right up.
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    cops in usa act like social workers and mental health therapists half the time and they shouldn't have to. they arent trained for it and they shouldnt be bringing guns to those situations anyways
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    Yes a national police force run by the government is a much better idea, i'm sure it would never be abused FBI, CIA... What's the population difference between the Netherlands and the United States again ?

    We shouldn't spend money on military hardware for police

    Not understanding this " stop sending cops to do non-cop jobs", what are we sending cops to do exactly that is a non-cop job ?
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    Guys I'm going to become the first person to play a game of PoxNora from the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone tonight
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    The problem is you need quality over quantity , many places people become police because they are ******** who like to bully people maybe stop people like that from joining the police force and in 3 years you might have a small but dedicated batch of policeman
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    No reason to have anything other than a fair and just trial. Thats the America you want, right?

    Policing is a hard profession. Coming out of the Marines I tested with several police departments and they all gave me offers. Looking at the amount they paid was just sad, basically same as military and I wasn't about to put my family through more destitution so I went to work at Lockheed in a factory job making double. Policing is like teaching, you gotta really really really want to do it, or else its such a chore with no reward. I'd not wish it on anyone.

    And change? Well one thing I've learned, it can change but its going to come from the affected individuals, not the onlookers. Black people need or organize and put people in office that want to further their causes. Alot of people are caught up in the moment right now but that will pass. Some other big thing will hit the news and everyone will go back to what they were doing + the next big thing. Case in point: Does anyone even remember "occupy wallstreet"?
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  9. super71

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    The America I want, doesn't have a cop in a position of power that will kneel on a person's neck for almost 9 minutes. Everything else I agree with.
  10. Baskitkase

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    I think a completely healthy person lives through this. When a standard for a control technique is being formed, I think the fact that suspects might be in poor health, poor mental health, previous/recent drug use, injuries/disabilities and out of breath from failed attempts at flight need to be considered. I don't think the neck-kneel would pass. Thats before the misapplication of the technique (9 minutes, ignoring please for help) turns this from a mistake to intent/negligence in this particular case.
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    I try to avoid US news as much as possible but unfortunately I'm a minority in that respect and can't help but hear enough about it.l through British media/internet.

    Basically, they can't try the policeman for 1st degree murder for two reasons:

    It wasn't first degree murder. It wasn't planned or premeditated. Even if you think it was then you
    can't prove that. A jury would be forced to find him innocent of that charge. Then hell would brake loose.

    While this has become symbolic to many, and representative of wider issues, what actually happened that night, as a single instance, is what the jury will pass judgement on.

    The jury will likely be biased against him, but even so they can only convict him of the worst charge that can reasonably be made, and that isn't first degree murder. Without the attention you would probably be looking at manslaughter (or whatever the US equivalent is) but I'm sure in this case it'll be some sort of murder charge.
  12. Geressen

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    mental health.
    don't fund that.
    send police to confused person
    confused person doesn't follow orders
    bang bang bang.
  13. Geressen

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    lol, that only works in healthy democracies.
  14. newsbuff

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    or treating drug addiction, which should be a public health issue, not a criminal issue.
    domestic violence, unless there's a weapon involved, should be handled by a social worker who can de-escalate the conflict safely and then get resources to the family.
    traffic law, we dont need armed cops enforcing traffic law, pulling people over and getting into fire fights over a busted tail light or speeding

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