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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Xiven, Jun 18, 2020.

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    I'm obviously not hopeful this will ever be addressed, but it's been such a persistent and impeding issue that it should be talked about. There are some threads about the Rune Forge refusing to let you sacrifice Runes for various reasons, but it seems there's never been any attempt to fix this.
    In my case, I can't Sacrifice any copy of the Provincial Marker. This is especially bad because the way to grind Shards is by buying Dancers in the Snow, which of course has a Provincial Marker. All throughout the Rune Forge's history, there's been an issue with it refusing to accept anything you may have a copy of in a Battlegroup, suggesting that it "sees" the stack in a sequential order (huge flaw). So, delete all 279 Battlegroups and it'll work, right? No. I deleted every Battlegroup I have ever made in all my years (except for Burning Tree, the starter premade, which is KF/UD anyways), and it still refuses to take my Markers. This has nothing to do with the weird restrictions on newer (last five years) accounts not "owning" some Runes that they "own," and nothing to do with posted or pending Trades. I waited days for any potential serverside updating, still getting the generic error.
    It just doesn't work. And the worst part is, is that it could be one bugged copy that keeps you from 15,000 Shards, 45,000 Shards, enough Shards to buy 4 copies of every Rune for every player in the world... At this point, it would be more helpful if we could delete any Runes the Forge refuses. If you need to delete 25+ Warbanners just to start getting their value again, it'd still be an objective positive.
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