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    Welcome to the Rune Directory

    Before creating your rune ideas, make sure to follow this so your idea is in line with what the owls are wanting!

    I can't guarantee all rune ideas will be on here, but I will keep going through as many as I can to add to this page, if yours isn't on here, and you would like it to be, just drop me the link on this page!

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    ( ' . ' )
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    This is the directories very own pet bunny! he's innocent so no swears or other flaming on this page!!

    K'thir Forest
    Aurora Skald
    Battle Skald
    Centaur Gem Master
    Centaur Priestess
    D'elim, Apex of the Circle
    Elder Oracle
    Elven Acrobat
    Elven Equalizer
    Elven Extremist
    Elven ShieldMaster
    Elven Support Team
    Fae Spellseeker
    Fairy Dazzler
    Fireborn Treefolk
    Flow Mage
    Garden Snake
    Garu Dreameater
    Gnarlwood Leaf Rustler
    High Sorcerer De'lim
    Kindling Alchemist
    Luck Rabbit
    Lunar Moth
    Mage of the Orbs
    Mystic of K'thiras
    Mystic Unicorn
    Priestess of the Dawn
    Serpentine Mass
    Spell Snail
    Starlight Dragon
    Stick Bug
    Sylvan Enigma
    Sylvan Renewal
    The Wild Hunt
    Tree of Growth
    Twinkle King
    Vashal Rain Dancer
    Woodland Spell Saint
    Wrath Oak
    Druidic Ritual
    Protective Grove
    First Spellbook
    Illuminated Dagger
    Sheltering Forest
    Sylvan Chainmail
    Tome of the Ancients
    Spirit Totem
    Wishing Well

    Forglar Swamp
    Alorea, Queen of Pomfrets
    Contagious Dreadwing
    Jellebrium Destroyer
    Jellebrium Giftbringer
    Jellebrium Hypnotist
    Jellebrium Mirror Mage
    Jellebrium Siren
    Jellebrium Vine Summoner
    Jellebrium Warcreamer
    Jellebrium Windsurfer
    Pomfret Ravager
    Pomfret Stalker
    Pomfret Swarm
    Salamans (Various)
    Snaptooth DarkMaw
    Snaptooth Hunter
    Snaptooth Mistweaver
    Snaptooth Wavecalmer
    Corrosive Venom

    Forsaken Waste
    Ascendant Necromancer
    Clinker Witch
    Coven Clairvoyant
    Elite Executioner
    Elsari Bladewitch
    Elsari Spectre
    Elsarin Countess
    Floating Eye
    Forsaken Acolyte
    Grim Reaper
    Moragen's Apprentice
    Necrotic Arbalist
    The Reaper
    Timeless Knight
    Unholy Abberation
    Utterdark Warlock
    Vampyre King
    Consolidate Essence
    Infected Wind
    Raise Graveyard
    Elsari Boots

    Ironfist Stronghold
    Barbarian Thad
    Barbarian Windstrider
    Drunken Crossbow
    Grintmaw Insurgent
    Grintmaw Majestic
    Ironfist Enforcer
    Northern Cross Agent
    Northern Cross Purger
    Northern Cross Raider
    Ruark, the Lost Brother
    Sentinel of Al'mara
    Festival of War
    Formidable Defense
    Heater Shield
    Time Bomb

    Shattered Peaks
    Arctic Axe Master
    Arctic Fesh

    Armored G'hern
    Cave Archer
    Cave Guardian
    Cave Troll

    Cyclops Fesh Specialist
    Fesh Hunter
    Fesh Recruiter
    Fesh Sprinter
    Ghern Sargent
    Giant Fesh
    Hagh the Cannibal
    Hyaenid Shadowcrawler
    Kesh, The Half Breed
    King Ngozi
    Lava Fesh
    Midnight Screech Dragon
    Moga King
    Moga Shaman
    Mud Dragon
    Ooze Elemental
    Queen Eiihest
    Rock Elemental
    Slag Queen
    Swamp Fesh
    Thirsty Wolf
    Voil Aeromancer
    Voil Alchemist
    Voil Ballista
    Voil Recruiter
    Wind Elemental
    Dig a Hole
    Fesh Sacrifice
    Howl of the Helpless
    Voil Thirst
    Hyaenid Fang
    Voil Wings
    Moga War Totem
    Mundunugu's Totem

    Savage Tundra
    Frostfall Forager
    Jae'tha, King of the Jakei
    Jakei Brothers
    Kas Devotee
    Kas Supreme
    Lonx Scout
    Nanuq, the Vengeful Spirit
    Nohkan Disciples
    Snow Bunny
    Forgotten Blade of the Tundra

    Acolyte of the Dead
    Ash Queen
    Bok Brutalizer
    Captive Elven Cultist
    Deep Elf Torturer
    Demon Queen
    Dust Bunny
    Goblin Cropstick
    Hekatian Vanquisher
    Imp Suppressor
    Liquid Hell
    Minotaur Chieftan
    Minotaur Crusher
    Minotaur Hunter

    Minotaur Shaman
    Nest Guardian
    Shadow Lord of the Long Knives
    Sylvan Phoenix
    Vladguard, Demon General
    Bloodbound Shield
    Brood Hunger
    Brutal Demonstration
    Dark Calling
    Demonic Connections
    Shroud of Blood
    Altar of Gob
    Blood Agate

    Sundered Lands
    Chosen of Vindrax
    Derifos, Dune Walker
    Desert Owl
    Draksar Inquisitor
    Draksar Transmuter

    Draksar Velite

    Killboy Powerhead
    Myx Ancient
    Myx Progenitress
    Priest of K'izick
    Skeezick Rocket Surgeon
    Spined Cactid
    Valdaci Sandmaw
    Sand Mirage

    Split Factions
    Arctic Axe Master - SP/ST
    Arctic Fesh - SP/ST

    Bloodcrown Crone - SP/SL
    Jakei King - ST/FW
    Lava Fesh - SP/UD
    Moga Kanen - SP/SL
    Ospryan Ousted - ST/KF
    Recurring Nightmares - FW/UD
    Rock Lava Dragon - UD/SP
    Student of the Circle - FS/UD
    Abhorrent Metamorphosis - FS/FW

    Ability Concepts
    Fade Away
    Inquisitive Jellibrium
    Kinetic Shot
    Slicing Charge

    Other Ideas / Concepts
    Theme: Draksars Dragonkeepers
    Sets by Poxnora Abridged: Set 1 / Set 2
    Living Statue
    Followers of Falcar

    Anything else tracking wise (adding spell/relic sub categories) I can add a general 'suggestions' tracking too!
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  3. BigToastie

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    Added :) I like the concept and the runes seem only associated by 1 ability, and then it can still be used in solo environment, maybe make the ability itself stronger the more friendly champions you have out with lure of the hunt?


    Can this thread be sticked?
  4. BigToastie

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    Updated 19/3/2014 :)
  5. BigToastie

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    Added split faction ideas,
    Updated all of the rune ideas (so now should be up to date!)
  6. BigToastie

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    Again updated, trying to get this stickied so I don't need to keep bumping this thread!

    If you can post any additions, your supports or concerns!
  7. rickyjpen

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    I like this idea of keeping the lists of ideas organized not sure how long it will last if you don't continuously bump the thread though xP
  8. BigToastie

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    Haha I need to - trying to get a owl to sticky it!! :p

    Also - partially updated (will update with all new ideas tomorrow!)

    Updates are quite far apart atm, as my internet connection is sketchy at best of times at present!
  9. Senshu

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    Nice! I will sticky this for now, but only as long as it stays up to date. Great job :D
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    where are any of my cards? :p just kidding! I'm wondering though.. is there a way to make a refer link to an exact line in one's page? I haven't found it yet, but it would be GREAT to be able to index 100+ cards with hyperlinks ^^
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    Is this thread still being updated?
  14. multimidia

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    ONE equip for Forglar Swamp,which gives the champion Poison Aura 3
  15. BigToastie

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    Thread is going under full update now all, sorry, I forgot my password, then had to buy a new pc (not because I forgot my password) and now I am back <3
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    This is being updated everyday now by the way people, I had to go through all posts, but I may have missed some to put on list!!

    Let me know if I have and I will put it up straight away.
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    Please note the suggestions in my sig. Think you have a few down alrdy ^^
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    Have been updating list on the quiet now that its a stickied thread, not sure if I have missed any but up to date!!

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