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Discussion in 'New Pox Nora Client Beta Discussion' started by aZaX69, May 24, 2017.

  1. aZaX69

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    Well I think the PS Launch could have waited a bit longer until a more polished version of the game was available - poor first impressions can often lose new players...

    I realise its only Beta but if I was a new player trying to navigate around the Rune Management system in it's current state it might be enough to deter me from continuing.

    With all the runes available now from each starting faction deck for a new player to use it needs a larger viewing area than the current 1 row (at least 3 x 5 runes) and a faction filter tab addded to reduce clutter. If u dont recognise an icon in a deck it can be hard to find it again if accidently removed while clicking around the interface. With careful sizing and a slight reduction of the screen border there should be ample room to squeeze some more runes in .

    A controller button combo to display the names of each rune slot in a deck would be a welcome addition, to replicate the function in the old rune manager when scrolled over with the mouse cursor ( hold a button down and scroll with L1-R1 maybe? )

    Overall congratulations on the work done thus far and I hope the game reaches the levels of success it deserves!

    p.s. Try not to dumb down the game too much for all the new PS players 8)
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  2. haroldkin

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    There is a deck filter on the right of the screen. Everything is selected to begin with, unselect those items you want to view. There is a toggle button at the bottom of the screen to quickly highlight what you want to view.

    For example: Deselect Sunderered Lands, hit toggle, now you're viewing only Sunderered Lands Runes. Click Class tab. Deselect Wizard and Priest, hit toggle.. Now you're viewing only Sundered Land champs with class Wizard or Priest.
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  3. aZaX69

    aZaX69 The King of Potatoes

    Yeah , I see it now thanks for the info, prob more intuitive if its up with the rest of the tabs...
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  4. Hierokliff

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    And the search function above the filter button is also very helpful if you remember a part of the runes name, for the future i hope they add abilities, and possibility to save filters and filters already outside the deckmanager somehow so if i want to just see IS decks it could be helpful to see that.
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  5. Excalibur95

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    "needs a larger viewing area than the current 1 row"

    extremely agree.
  6. aZaX69

    aZaX69 The King of Potatoes

    The major problem I experience with the client hanging is during deck validations, it might be a better option to do this only after a change had been made to a battle group in the rune manager and not before each game. Once the deck was flagged as valid you wouldnt need to check to whole BG just to play a game.

    I have included a pic of a slightly modified rune manager screen with a 2 x 6 selection area , without dropping the resolution of current icons, its just a cut and paste job as an example from the previous post ....

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  7. aZaX69

    aZaX69 The King of Potatoes

    Default filter could be set to the available runes for the factions in the currently selected BG, with an option in the Filters menu to set the current filter settings as default , saves having to do this manually each time you want to edit or view the runes in a deck....
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  8. Sokolov

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    This is a great idea but I think would require substantial rework of the current architecture (i.e. not just a client thing).
  9. aZaX69

    aZaX69 The King of Potatoes

    Should just require the same code to do the check as used now ( minus the bugs causing client to hang ) , and set a global flag that is checked when u queue for PvP.
    At present each time u enter the rune manager it hangs like its checking every deck or something, while it has improved since the last update it's still much easier to just do it all from the online site, so I pity the guys that are forced to use it on PS4 (muahaha- sarcastic laugh)
    More importantly , I think is the pic of the 2x6 rune manager that was posted, havent gotten any feedback, its a bit better than the tiny 1x5 slots at present...
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  10. A Cthulhu cultist

    A Cthulhu cultist New Member

    New player here -- I support two of the above ideas. I've been using poxpulse almost exclusively for its ability search, although I noticed it seems to be quite outdated -- it has helped me complete some of the heroics (though admittedly not ranked). I also use the rune manager on the web browser. I absolutely despise the one within the client, but I would prefer to use it -- Let me list and describe the sorts of things which would require changing for the rune manager within the client to be useful for me.

    Things to "fix" and features I think are worth introducing, below:

    #1. Search-by-ability-name. The ability names are easy to learn. I don't care about the splash art too much. And the base stats of runes are useful but not as interesting as the abilities to deck-building. Base stats are useful for vanilla champs, but I can't even tell you which champ is vanilla and which one isn't; I fear this is somewhat ill-defined here anyways, since all champs have *some* abilities, it's just that some abilities are essentially passive enhancements without much impact beyond virtual base stat improvements.

    A potential solution to #1. Please allow me to customize the interface in the direction of the one in the web browser (rune lists over images, for example), though with an ability-list option as well as one for raw champ stats. Also, please let me sort by nora cost. That seems to be broken in the web browser as well (sorting my champ pool by nora cost puts some 80+ champs in between 70's and 60's, so I would guess it might be computing the sum of all optional costs instead of the sum of the default costs?).

    #2. Resolution in 2k17? I have a 4k monitor and I feel like the rune manager was designed for a phone from 4 years ago.
    Aside: Changing the default client resolution seems to have no impact on the rune manager resolution. I changed my client resolution in the web browser as well (why can I even change it there? I am so confused right now...). I changed it in the client (makes more sense to me here, though I like config files in case things go wrong somewhere...). The resolution is not being saved. I have to use a magnifying glass on the microscopic window that loads up in the middle of my computer screen every time I load the client just to resize it. Perhaps this is only a problem with the steam-downloaded client. Please let me know if I should take a different approach. Oh yeah, and because the client crashes often, the resizing in general is kind of a problem. Fix this, and only then do I suspect that the rune manager resolution problem can be resolved. After all, the rune manager resolutions and scaling will stem from the window in which it is drawn, so I think that fixing the client-wide display issues first would be a necessary first step.

    #3. Deck properties (Skirmish legal? Wrath-only? Ranked-legal? Possible to complete heroics right now with? Nora cost distribution of champs and other runes?).
    A potential solution: you have some methods for verifying deck legality before entering a game. One solution would be to call those methods when displaying the deck, on the user's computer, and have their client return the deck classification. Zero additional server load. It might be too much info for more experienced players with decks specially catered to specific formats, but you could always make an option to disable this in the client-based rune manager.

    #4 Fix Sacrificing. Sacrificing is broken -- if a rune is unassigned to any deck and you have 3, it is only possible to sacrifice the 3rd one if it is unassigned to any deck. Even then, I've encountered difficulties and had to resort to deleting all my decks and resorting to the web browser. I am stuck with 3x bog paladins because the one I got from the 5k deck is level 3 and it's my 3rd rune, so I can either sacrifice it for the same amount of essence as a level 1, or I can just keep all 3. But it's a rare I probably won't use and I want the essence. But why sacrifice a perfectly good rune I might want to use later? But... Please fix this.

    #5 Collection management. I've been using the browser almost exclusively, but it suffers from similar problems. See #1 please. I care about rune abilities. Who uses base stats when building a deck, honestly? The coolest part of a rune are its abilities:nora cost ratio. If I knew all the names of the runes I wanted, I'd not be a new player. Also, please let me view a virtual rune for summoned models, for spells and summoning abilities. I'm new. I have no idea what I am getting. And for more-experienced players, being able to investigate potentially-no-longer-obsolete off-meta choices in greater detail could also prove a boon, especially while theory-crafting and deck building.

    #6 Aside: General keyboard mappings. I am playing the steam client and I am getting controller hotkeys with the inability to edit my keyboard settings in the options menu. This is a massive headache. I do not want to pull out my steam controller to play a rune game which seems to have been originally conceived for a mouse. This is of particular frustration in a rune manager where I want to very quickly search and sort my collection with a few keyboard commands. Again, I know, a client-wide issue. Forgive me!

    #7 Trading. Why is trading not the first thing available via the rune manager? Why are sacrificing and forging the default options in a Trading Rune Game? I don't want to sacrifice my exotic+ runes. I want to trade them.

    Aside: why is the trading option locked for new players? The sooner I can trade, the sooner I can feel invested in the game. You may be terrified that your new players will make a bad decision while trading (is this also why you won't let me sacrifice my playsets in the rune manager within the client?). People learn through more than their successes, but also through their mistakes. Please let people make these mistakes early on! Better yet, provide them a resource to help them understand what's *hot* right now, so they can better evaluate the true value of a rune they have?

    #8: Relative rune value. Just an idea to addressing the problem I raise when discussing #7:

    Relative rune value is subjective, but modern rune"shops" and trade venues are hard to find for new players, especially since poxbox, which gets mentioned all over the forums, doesn't seem to exist from the perspective of my DNS. Maybe it's because I am playing from Europe. I'm not sure. Is it possible to add an internal rune value database to the rune manager, for new players to, at a glance, get a feeling for the value of the runes they picked up?

    Not necessarily the rune's monetary value on some web service, but its importance to the metagame as a function of its rarity, would be a start -- you can probably come up with a function that takes the last 7 days' ranked game results and rune lists, and computes a kind of rune relevance from that. After that, multiplying the relevance by the probability of pulling the rune from a pack is straightforward. Also please make starter deck lists public. I want to know what I'm paying 5000 gold for when you're not giving me the tools that I need to finish those heroic quests. Perhaps purchasing the 5k gold starter decks could happen via the rune manager, and you could take the deck for a test skirmish without rune rewards first, or something like that?

    Thanks to anyone who bothered to read this. I hope the perspective gives developers a bit of insight! I am quite new, and a bit nervous that my points have all been made somewhere before -- I try to read the forum posts that I can find, but to be honest, there are a lot.. And if I violated any forum rules, sorry! I think I avoided the use of the word "card" entirely so that's a bonus!
  11. Thbigchief

    Thbigchief I need me some PIE!

    - What about having to have a validated deck just to observe a game? seems a bit much
  12. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    Seems like that might be easily bypassed. I'll ask.
  13. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    Many of these are things we have planned or already fixing. For example, resolution now saves and I believe sacrificing should be working now. And I would love to have the search be more than rune name as well, that's definitely on our list of "wants." For now, the focus is still on making existing things work better and adding quicker QOL stuff that are missing from the old client.

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