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  1. Alakhami

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    So Trump has launched an attack on Syria. meanwhile, the west still hasn't presented any proof that there really was an attack aside from some weird video that does look kinda staged.
    Shouldn't you guys like be protesting? I mean, even if the chem attack is true, doesn't the US Government and the UN owe you an explanation and at least some proof of its claims, considering their history of obliterating countries in the Middle East on the premise of false accusations? Or are you and your people too apathetic to even take a say in this?
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    America is against isis though, oh wait...... Obama let all the isis fighters go to fight against Assad, and now trump is giving them air support. Thought Trump might be different, hopefully he can redeem himself by atleast pulling the troops out.

    America has been in a war almost every year since its birth
  3. super71

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    We're too busy arguing over tide pods, transgender, stormy Daniels, white racists, and the Russians. Every sane person wants the truth, but people that get the truth tend to disappear around here.
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    @Alakhami are those questions just directed at the US? or is any of it directed to Europeans present? also did you forget all the other chem attacks? we've had a thread here in which it was discissed like last year.

    you literally wrote multiple times that your goverment should stop investigating itself and equate goverment inquiries, real press, and gloss magazine claptrash.

    and half those issues are things you are arguing about and literally nobody else.
  5. Alakhami

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    Well, mostly at US, but at Europe as well I guess since they too take a part in the attack, even though their forces are significantly smaller compared to the former. Can you give me a link to that thread? Tbh I wasn't that into the Syrian conflict and I mostly have a superficial understanding of what's going on so that'll definitely help me understand the whole situation.

    Also, if you could provide me some videos, articles etc. covering the topic from both sides.. it would also be helpful.
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    There are proof of the chemical attack, but the question is: Who did it? And what do the big players gonna do about it. Because there are rules in war: "Never shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber weapon, and don`t use chemical weapons on civilians" are among the rules.

    But the big players also get more out of it:

    * USA, UK & France got a chance to test some Tomahawk missiles and tornado jammers & smart bombs against Russia`s AA systems.
    * Russia got a chance to test theyre new Anti-Tomahawk/ICBM/Planes missile system.
    * Assad got a "free of charge chemical weapon incineration disposial" wich by western standards are a normaly a costly and timeconsuming procedure.

    So all 3 parties got something out of this. The real losers of this deal was the small village who got attacked with chemical nerve agents, and now this town is in Russia/Assad hands.

    The big players just doing the normal "by proxy" war thing.
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    you're gonna have to be way, WAY more specifi when referencing attacks as several European countries do airstrikes on Isis with assad's permission since before the latest thing while Russia has been coordinating with Assad to bomb regular rebels and lumping all countries in europe together like that is wrong.

    I forgot what it was called but mostly it was concerning chemical attacks and who did them, with Assad and Isis as main culprits in most of em
    I think Supes and Profhulk argued that it was rebels that did this attack for instance:

    well at the end of the Arab spring a revolt failed to gain enough traction to depose Assad
    long story short proxy war between the US and Russia

    long story longer:

    Revolt against dictator, population religious majority ruling class religious minority-> fraudulent ghost soldiers fattening the bank accounts of iraqi generals in the northwest of Iraq.-> fanatical religious organisation conquers far reaches of two countries against little organised resistnce and start genociding minorities -> Isis gains ground and calls for terror attack, France and Uk start bombing Isis -> chemical attacks happen against civilian and regular rebel populations everyone blames eachother-> Kurds organise resistance start conquering parts of Syria and Iraq from Isis ->Assad is allied to Russia, Russia bombs rebel held areas, sent weapons and special forces to help assad-> US doesn't like Assad secretly might help rebels-> Coalition forces and Iraqi military ( real soldiers this time) conquer Isis held terrain in Iraq->Turks do not like kurds having their own territory, start fighting rebels while possibly secretly trading with Isis, conquers corridor stopping Kurd controlled territories from uniting. -> another chemical attack happens, Us once again says Stop it dudes-> Russia says leave assad alone we will stop rockets! -> american rocket hits assad

    now there is a lot of stuff that hasn't been mentioned like how the US, Assad, and Syria support some groups in Iraq that they bomb in Syria and vice versa.
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    Never seen Super post so often so many times in a row.

    Must be really upset
  9. super71

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    Europe always takes part in the majority, but everyone always just blames the United States for everything it's easier that way.

    Russia wants resources and a better foothold in the area, the United States is the same, and then you always have to be curious what Saudi Arabia and Israel are up too in the Middle East. It's more likely it was Israel or Saudi Arabia than Assad but who really knows, we will never be told the real truth.

    I just can't understand why the United States, Europe, or Russia is fighting over there when the Middle East is just a never ending religious battle, that's been going on since time began. No first world country will ever rule the third world countries in the Middle East every war there has proven this.
  10. super71

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    I heard about it and I wasn't even looking for it, and the pro-gun marches are hilariously small explain how your ignorance is interesting?

    we are allied to the US and the US wants to be world leader, so when you start Bane Shift europe has your back, want europe to drop you? 's fine.
    don't start Bane Shift/lead if you can't handle the responsibility ya ****.

    If i ignore the rest of your posts you seem to finally understand yourself.
  12. Gaverion

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  13. Varthas

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    The problem for any sane person is kids shooting kids(and everyone) on a school with guns, that is a trend and a huge problem. There are gun-rights-activists who still wanna own guns, and i agree in USA you should because it is common there to be able to protect yourself.

    But untill you can make a law who prevent a guy like the last schoolshooter to own his own gun you are only get more problems. The would in theory be extremly easy to implement: Increase legal age to buy weapons to 24 years. If a person under that age want to buy a weapon it must be supervised by a elder person and can only be used when he is present.

    But ther are no will to do it. It reminds me a negotiation between USA and Russia regarding nuclear facilites, and USA wanted the rights to inspect the Russian facilities to verify they where non-millitary. USA wanted no less than 4 inspections a year and the Russians said they would not agree to more than 2 inspections per year. After days of "around the table" negotiations the parties could not reach a agreement and stopped the talking.

    What they did not get to discuss was how a inspection would go about: in example 1 inspector, inspecting the Russian facility for 1 day, or a fleet of 30 inspectors inspecting the facility for a week.

    The talks never came to a point where the progress could be done.

    I think it is part of the same with the gun debate now "over there" with morons on both sides who speak rubbish it is problematic to reach any sensible solutions.
  14. Geressen

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    anyways so Syrians that fled decades ago are saying too little is being done about Assad, Russia and Assad supporters are saying Don't do anything about Assad.

    @Alakhami why does you goverment support a regime that imprisoned and executed its critics ( hahahahahaahaha)
    @super71 why are you having a breakdown instead of doubling down on your the person your cult leaders made out to be a messiah figure after his decision to show his power in the face of possibly soon losing it?

    memes are saying:

    Germany is saying:
    lets not do anything here but let others do things im sure it'l be fine.

    experts are saying:
    this sort of behaviour is expected of regimes that want to distract
    ( and I'm gonna leave it open wether they mean Assad, Russia, US or Turkey :p )
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  15. Alakhami

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    Because my government does the same to an extent.
  16. Geressen

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    Yes I was implying R & C were doing that while U&U&F ( &T&SA) are only acting out of their economic/political interests)
    ( and I & I ( and SA again) out of opposition to their rivals)


    ( and I'm gonna leave it open what those all mean)

    I'm gonna say U& U & I & I & T are interesting for having split interests.

    let's just enjoy the political and ideological chaos for now.
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  17. super71

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  18. Geressen

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    do you understand that this would be more important if it concerned the president of the US and person with acces to the biggest arsenal of nuclear weapons or are you stupid?
  19. davre

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    Quick question, Super:

    When this administration signed a law increasing military spending by 20%, where did you think that money was going to go?
  20. Geressen

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    I think @super71 is ignoring questons.

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