Sacrificial Dagger is not working on kills made by these abilities. Clarification wanted.

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by ghklf, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. ghklf

    ghklf The King of Potatoes

    Essence Claw
    Decapitating Blow (direct kill)
    Scythe Whirl (Life Siphon not working on it as well)
    Blood Magic
    Pain Curse
    Sonic Roar
    Ritual of Destruction (kills made by dat 10 acid damage)
    Cursed Treasure
    Magic Beam
    Blood Bind

    Also something I feel strange:
    Dark Messenger has no Race:Undead but has Boon of the Undead.(I think it is missing Race:Undead)

    Phantasmal Creeper, Blinking Creeper is undead but do not have Boon of the Undead.(I think it is missing Boon of the Undead since other FW creepers all have it.) Warspirit has the option to have it so I think it is fine.

    Bile Explosion on Midflayer Queen is not working upon its first death.

    Mindflayer Queen's Mindflayer is not equipped to the CLOSEST friendly champion.

    Note that I am not saying all of these r bugs, just want to make them clear about which r bugs.

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