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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by SireofSuns, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. SireofSuns

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    We already have a "how to deal with the loss of Cleansing Emerald", but that thread didn't seem to end up being amazingly productive...

    So instead, let's focus on what things might take its place.

    SP actually has a lot of runes that are mildly similar in flavor to UD sacrificial runes, and while UD is hands down better at that, ours are nothing to laugh at.
    Here's a list of what I see as how SP deals with "cleansing":

    Bait and Switch: It doesn't cleanse or get rid of the effect, but it can easily save a champion, as well as being used to additional attacks in a similar way to Swap.

    Defend the Roost: Only works on Voil, but it can easily save a champion from dying, and then gives you some meat.

    Devour: An actual sacrifice spell, it can give out a LOT of healing. Best used on a low health champion or a champion that won't be doing much anymore (if for instance you got hit by Eye for an Eye).

    Electrostatificationized: If your champion is surrounded and you're dealing with a horde style or swarm bg, this can deal out a decent amount of damage in a fairly large area. Not the best for our purposes, but decent in Electric bg's.

    Implant: Best in a Fesh deck, or perhaps a FW/SP Worms deck. Sacrifice a champion and get a little dude that can bite someone.

    Suicidal Attack: My personal favorite for making use of an almost dead champion. +5 damage, Strike, and Pounce makes for a nice burst of damage. Just make sure the champion can actually deal damage.

    Betrayal: In theory, you could put it on a dying champion to get out that double-tap, and hopefully you've set things up so it transfers to the enemy that will kill your equipped champion.

    Wounded Kitten: Better for a Beasts bg, but it's another rune that will give you some more meat in exchange for a dying champion.

    I think there are some champions that can do similar things for us, but I don't remember them all right now and I don't feel like looking through all of the SP champions atm.

    What do other people think? Should we be going for Sacrifice type runes in a similar way to UD? How do you feel about the runes I've mentioned, and are there others that you think work similarly?
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  2. OriginalG1

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    SP's healers took a hit so I have had some extra rune space in my meta bg. I decided to try out Kanen Cultist as a healer, and she provides some decent protection with Designate Scapegoat. Designate scapegoat will divert a mine field, a hammer strike, and righteous deflection, ancient implications, firestorm, whatever. Cultist additionally posses a sacrifice ability that grants regeneration 3 for 3 turns. (18 global hp for each champ over 3 turns) Nothing will be as good as cleaning emerald, but I feel like Kanen Cultist is a champion option that is, on topic here.
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  3. IronStylus

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    just vertipush for that sound effect B)
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  4. OriginalG1

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    right when your opponent is staged for a come back... "Ahhhhhhhhh"
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  5. IronStylus

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    ground your peaks ifrit, vertipush him for a surprise cleanse (even removes equips you dont like) so you dont have to worry about him being stunned anymore. It will also place him randomly so your opponent doesn't know here he lands! gg i don't think SP needs emerald with this combo
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  6. SireofSuns

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    Ball and Chain?
  7. aseryen

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    Not sure but are full g'hern bgs a thing? I saw Looking for Work and figured that it's possible, I kind of noticed gherns having more healing abilities than I remember.
  8. SireofSuns

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    It is more possible now with some of them losing Surge: Moga on base. The issue is that they don't really have much to tie them together, other than a few wonky things like Looking for Work.
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