Sadly, Tortuns Pretty Much Suck Right Now

Discussion in 'Forglar Swamp' started by Elric, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Capitulator

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    It's probably a bug as the deploy isn't from the runedock, but they basically get the initiative AP every time they are Unloaded. I haven't tested since the new client patches rolled out.

    The way I tried to make it work usually had the Tortuns attack, load into one Transport, unload and attack again (and repeat if you have two Transports out). Deep Dive might give some better options though.
  2. Woffleet

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    Lol. That's just what unload does. It gives them intiative. Leap the battle isn't doing that.
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  3. 5amb0

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    This is my Tortun deck. It's really strong. won lots with it. basically you just knock people back into mines, watch as they die, and get mangleshell out to carry you after your cheap guys have died.

  4. Skullferno

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    Tortuns suck?

    I was retired from this game but looks like I gotta come back and show these new kids how the old FS crew use to run the show.
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  5. GabrielQ

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  6. GabrielQ

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    they do suck tough, no pygmy, no racial, no artillery on mortar
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  7. super71

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    Tortuns biggest downfall

    High defense

    Their high defense, this is great and all but when it comes down to it how many abilities actually exist now that don't hit through defense, and how many abilities lower defense ? Defense as a whole has become almost useless, but it still costs something.

    Tortun shell

    Give ponderous- Negative ability, it's an enormous drawback, arguably one of the worst abilities in the game from a negative standpoint, everything in pox costs ap, having less ap is huge, it's similar to having a ton of 4 or 5 speed champs in your bg.
    Stability- Negative ability for the most part
    Amphibious- Ehh thanks, but only really useful on some maps, or in an aquatic or semi aquatic bg. Again this costs something
    Turtle- The only good ability

    They summon a lot of relics to help them survive and evade enemies

    This was awesome back in the day, however now every theme has shattered summons, or disbelief or some other nonsense which just makes these champs expensive. Bottom line, pox has too many hard counters now for tortuns in their current form to ever be any good.

    Tortuns also have no shatter as I just found out when making a tort bg today.

    Things tortun are missing

    No shatter
    no stat stacking
    Nothing that really ties the theme together other than tortun's trade which costs 4 nora on every activation.
    no dispel
    not really any healing
    no anti summons
    no scaling
    not many aoes
    no dots
    No defensive abilities like dodge, block, evasive, reflexes etc.
    no cleanse
    not a lot of cc
    no ap gen abilities
    no 7 speeders

    They are a tanky, slow moving, okay damage dealing theme with nothing else behind them. Some of the things I listed above could be wrong, I did most of it from memory and the short time i've been playing them today.
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  8. MaruXV

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    play torts sl split and the sl spelllist gives you all the things in your list.
  9. free20play

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    not surprised tortuns went to sh1 t honestly.
    its what happens when you kill what makes a theme unique.
  10. guokamoli54

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    Bring back original torts! I've been on this soap box forever! Friggin changes totally destroyed them. Heck id even take the aoe tort trade again but ya they have been pretty lack luster since the change. They do have a lil healing and defensive abilities but not really enough to matter.
  11. super71

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    Any theme that is missing all that with no scaling is a doomed theme in today's meta
  12. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

  13. Can I get more info on this bg? Is this just a Sea song deck with a few torts in it? Only other synergy I can think of is Naria ragevine.

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  14. GoldTiger

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    @super71 tremir because cannon barrage is the only good thing about playing Tortuns.
  15. kalasle

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    It's also like -6 nora.
  16. super71

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    It's also like a really shitty ability, and ponderous is horrendous.
  17. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    I'll try him, although mangleshell with his range and vindictive is pretty bonkers.
  18. super71

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    Mostly i've found that it's the scaling that tortuns can't compete with, they just never really get better except with 1 rune and 1 ability, tortun cannon barrage, and cannon barrage. While other themes amp up and get stronger over time, tortuns never go anywhere, they stagnate until your opponent reaches critical mass.
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  19. MrBadguy

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    That\s the point.
  20. Elric

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