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    Which is ironic, considering their place in the story as being under constant attack. You'd think they'd be amazing at fending off early attackers, but whatever, they're cool anyway.
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    Running 9 champs in a sally bg seems kinda hardcore. Other then that your line up is great. I would only suggest removing Picket as he seems really underwhelming. To use detonate relic he needs to be close and with that 39 hp hes not going to last long, specially in this UD crowded meta. With that extra spot you could include another trapper for the ingenuity, a fire salaman or a negamage for dispel (you have none other then metamorph, even tho I hardly ever deploy him).

    Relic wise I'm running exactly the same as you (testing out the mushroom as you suggested).

    As for equips I have a mixed feeling about Bog Pearls. Even tho they are basically 0 nora equips once your first dude dies, I really feel like salaman needs more survivability options early on. Your already getting nora with Nora Pearl and Market. Thats why I go with 2x Gold Sand. That equip is really bad ass and I think your missing out. You could also test boglight, which is pretty good on Dervish.

    Heres another version of salamans that is more focused on stealthy action!

    Missing runes are 2 privateers, 2 investigators and contaminated. Commandos with Poison Dart are really fun. Daredevil is there for some draw wins in the current map rotation.
  4. GoldTiger

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    The 5 missing runes are the same as yours so I run 14 champs in the end which is reasonable

    I run picket for another utility champ + detonate relic. On some maps, say 5 font FW or 5 font maljara-esque, the first font is very close and sometimes your opponent sends the odd summon/champ to contest with a relic and harass you. Sometimes the combination of reinforce + detonate lets you rid the threat immediately. I wouldn't swap him for a trapper as I feel one is enough. If I were to run another dispel it would be tome of the Arcanis rather than negamage as I don't feel he's efficient enough especially with that measly 2-4 range. You already know my feelings on the fire salaman beater which is worse than berk:p

    Often I deploy slick on maps where he can immediately potion + bomb instead of say a privateer having to work 6 spaces to a fight.

    Thing with bog pearl is you're forgetting just how effivient provisions and ingenuities are. Often they are like 15 Nora abilities for 2 or 3 Nora. I can Use bog pearl and never feel bad about dropping it down to proc all of those at once, multiple times even. Not to mention the fact that at any time an investigator could be cheeky and shatter one for +20 Nora. If you're using gold sand all your units become 100+ and I'm not sure if they will be efficient enough. Thing wth salaman is you always want to be putting down relics and equipments every other turn to maintain your buffs, one that you can put down as mindlessly and unpunishable as bog pearl really makes it shine imo and you should try out at least one.
    TLDR you're paying 20 Nora which you get back to proc ingenuities and provisions.

    I find I don't often drop gold sand as its too easily countered, even against its best opponent UD (boundless enthusiasm lol). Also twisted essence procs dervish (among othe things in your deck) so boglight is not necessary I feel (for him at least) and probably wouldn't get dropped on the tank sallies (everything but the range ones) since you really want to preemptively equip them for the block + evasive etc.

    PS swamp wasp nectar is worth the spot soaks up a lot of dots/damage.
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    @GoldTiger a lot of these links are dead, could you advise on which legendary / exotic salaman you think are mandatory for the bg (and whether they would be 1-2x).
  6. GoldTiger

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    Off the top of my head

    Double privateer
    0-2 investigators (I LOVE both such great tanks)
    0-1 berkchani (also love him)

    Not sure how people can run 0 investigators and 0 Berk sometimes.

    Current BG attached ask about equips/relics as per required.

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  7. Regulate

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    Sad that it doesn't seem like commando or ninja are good enough. Both very cool runes. Cheers :)
  8. GoldTiger

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    Commando is a decent pick with the antagonise helmet. I'd rather cut two precious deck slots to include more runes that don't rely so heavily on each other. Is good if you're in to that playstyle but I'm trying to win and win consistently.

    Edit: Ninja is just an 80 nora rune that does nothing.
    Dmg --> No
    Utility --> No
    Synergy --> No
    Tank --> No

    80 nora for a stealth salaman is silly.
  9. Regulate

    Regulate I need me some PIE!

    Please be aware my assessment of them being cool is looking at the art and the names. :p No, not a fan of overly situational synergy, gotta protect my winrate yo
  10. Sokolov

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    SHHHH :)
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    It's a beautiful site seeing the equipment finally break, especially on investigator for a free 2ap and 5 heal that opponents rarely play around.

    BTW whats the deal with bog pearl? I find it's utility invaluable, being able to proc all synergies possible FOR FREE is underrated especially considering you can shatter it immediately with investigator to potentially cycle etc. Will it be back by the release?
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    Calisk broke it with a BG that generated huge amounts of Nora per turn with toss equipment.
  13. GoldTiger

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    That's unfortunate, I don't see this being repaired soon considering how hard it must be to fix the core code of the problem, and how insignificant it is in the grand scheme of things right?
  14. Sokolov

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    Yea, just a minor change:

    At the start of its turn, this champion gains 2 MAX HP (to a maximum of 10). When this equipment has provided 10 MAX HP, its owner is refunded 20 nora.


    The old way had an exploit via Pilfer, etc. so it generated infinite nora when shifted around by those abilities because they count as equipment destruction.

    By changing it to give the nora based on the HP provided, the exploit should no longer function.
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  15. GoldTiger

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    However the cool insta cycle combos will be dead :'(
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