Sappy Thread of Remembrance

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ballballer, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Sokolov

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    That's a hell of a lot of games.
  2. Nite2kill

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    yes it is
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    I signed up with octopi. My greatest memories were when I had my account name Mrblackman. I had got my asswhooped so hard by IS when I was playing with SP and ST that I knew there was "more" to this faction than the developers were letting you know, but there wasn't, I just needed to learn when to hammer strike =D(back when it was 40 nora and like a bajillion damage).
    I honed my skills in the proving grounds until I was able to beat the rich kids who would buy into the game on a whim and know nothing about the games "Attack, damage, and defense" system with the purposefully badly designed free decks.Then they were updated and free decks were levelvable, and customization that was limitless was shown to me through a keyhole. I knew then this was my type of game because of how, Intuitive it could be based upon 1 thing, Nora efficiency, and BOY could we get lots of it back then!

    At my first memory is when I went an bought some commons with a 7/11 debit card that I saved up my lunch money for and spent like 2-3 days the bazaar and begged for IS commons, any that I could so I could make a crappy deck and take it against other people in the "uncommon" leagues. I sucked because of the cards I had not cause of the strategy I employed, more times but this showed me how to rush before people can get their entire deck, and also how to improvise with whatever you have revealed.

    My second memorable memory is me facing my screen realizing I was getting good because I had finally reversed the 150+ losses I gained playing an actual deck vs the starter decks. A couple more positive development and BOOM! MRblackman to show up on the home page, and it wasn't with troll, it was with respect, with loyalty to 1 faction and playing it to its maximum; This is when I went from a nobody to someone with a bit of notoriety of being the ISisOP poster child with my runes. After this i became so famous and among the "Donald dump" type of people of this game, infamous, and this resulted in a name change by non other than the vile GaydarX. This is when I had a deep rooted hatred for the way poxnora was being ran, like a corporate office rather than a game with love, care, and heart put into its design and world.

    After this name change, the timer began on my final memory. I didn't know when I would, but I made it my final goal before quitting this game, make Iajabmaka #1, screenshot it. still got it to this day as proof of how many "top tier players' I would slaughter with exclusive IS decks the names im up there with ain't the "heavy weights" you see up there today, I was with some real tacticians using some cheese.

    I thought I would have a lot more memories, but then Dog nerfed everything into boring and the game lost its soul in favor of being a hollow shell.

    S/O:Tarth(u still suck), @Teascholar( you still da shiddd), Caine1198( BestUDalltime), Markoth ( hope you still da shidd) Covah(hope your pride weekend was nice) Dmrbadguy ( A perfect example of how a person can be some complex they are actually misunderstood). Anyone who was playing since octopi and warned against the current state of the game cause we knew better from the start.

    If you was the homie on 2v2 you know you get an automatic S/O from me.
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  4. Markoth

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  5. Sokolov

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    I remember, as a relatively new player, beating Octopi employee KaizerSozay by playing Arctic Turtle on the bridge on the only IS map then.

    It literally stopped his whole army while I killed him on the other flank.
  6. calisk

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    heh....i can honestly see it happening back then. IS had griffen rider and catapult as there only answer to something like that.

    though I suppose they could of reset the board with that one IS spell that was nerfed to oblivion....can't be bothered to check it's name lol
  7. Sokolov

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    Divine Dispersal was redesigned because it did stupid things and was part of a number of combos that made the game non-interactive.

    It's a good example of a card that's fine in a regular card game, but wrecks havoc in a tactical game (assuming you care about how the tactical side plays).
  8. Sealer0

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    I fondly remember changing my deck in classes back when I was just a teenager... 11, 12 years ago? I was, and still am absolutely baffled and delighted at the amount of options presented to me, like a crazy puzzle that doesn't necessarily has to make sense. I also remember beating one of better KF players in a tournament match a few years back with a ragtag band of skeezicks which were considered barely viable relics of the past back then... and then TinyD started playing them and they got nerfed :D . Good times.
  9. MentalMoles

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    remember when I FQ you while u dc? :p
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  10. TheRavager

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    Goooooooooooood times boys
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  11. SPiEkY

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    God, I'm gonna miss this game so much. So many of the formative years of my life were spent with this game, and this community. It's kinda depressing to see what it's faded to.
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  12. MentalMoles

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    DORIGON? <3
  13. hfok

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    Was never a good player, nor known in the community, I comment every now and then, but I've played it since the drum of war expansion.

    I love spectating the game, a lot, have over 1k hrs clock in and mostly single player (after it happens) and just mostly spectating.

    Missed the chess like dock for champion when SOE removed it.

    Anyways, I will miss this forum and the game a lot.
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  14. Paladin

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    Ehhh, I've had a lot of extremely good memories attached to this game. I played it back during the beta - if my account hadn't been hacked a year or two ago, I'd still have an original IS Pox Harbinger as a thank you for beta testing the game. As it turns out, I have a another thanks to some very kind friends, and I'd like to consider it a continuation of the original. I found this game back in high school. I was a religious reader of Dragon magazine (before it went out of print!) and there was an advert for the PoxNora beta in one of the issues. I gave it a shot, and was hooked for years. First recorded game is August 5th 2006, but I'd been playing for weeks at that point. I originally really loved UD because they had the Deep Elf Assassin and I loved playing stealth decks, but I played a game against a guy in the beta who was playing Ironfist and he just had this massive array of Battleragers, Priests, DKs, Defenders and Axemen. I thought the Dwarf army looked so amazingly cool that I got interested in playing IS, and when I bought my first 100 pack a month or two later, I ended up getting a Dwarven King as my only exotic. And so I started playing Ironfist. Back before the current upgrade system, I used to deck out my Axeguards up to 98 nora with a 45% chance to block, riposte, and 45% chance to slow on hitting. They were the most annoying little gits you could play against.

    I remember being good friends with GreatBeard and KahzModan, along with Axeraiser and a host of others who I'm not going to try to name because I will inevitably forget one important name, and over time we became the 'face' of Ironfist so to speak, because we were the most active and we complained the most about balance and flavour with regards to Ironfist. Back before matchmaking was random I used to try to play against the best players I could. Even though I'd get walloped every time, I'd learn something and I'd come back slightly better the next time around. After the first rank reset, I shot to the top and I think I became the one of the first (if not the first) top 5 FF IS players, back when circus BGs and cheese BGs were dominant and IS was considered among the worst factions. I had a wonderful time over the next few years. I remember challenging SoulFear to some seriously close matches and I'd try to play the best player I could because I thought dodging was lame (at the time a lot of higher ranked players only played lower ranks to increase their rating). I have four moments that I really distinctly remember. The first was playing against a really highly ranked SL player, I think Revenancer, who first drew ravagers on the SP map. I was cornered in my shrine, he had control of both fonts, but I had two nora miners and some ******* Axe Guards. I remember sundering down his Ravagers with my Axe Guards, finishing them off with my DK and Griffin Rider, and slowly building up a critical mass of units until I eventually just steamrolled him all the way to his shrine. The second was playing against Sammich, a really well known ST player, on the Savage Tundra map. Like I mentioned, at the time split decks and cheese was the flavour of the month, but I was rocking a FF Ironfist Dwarf deck because I really cared more about winning with runes I liked than just winning. After beating him, he sent me a PM telling me how refreshing it was to be on the receiving end of, verbatim, a "good old fashioned ironfist beatdown' rather than being cheesed. I got such a kick out of that. The third was when I ran a High Mason for shits and giggles and I actually managed to win a game through a high mason deploy --> war cry --> mason to repair my shrine on the Forsaken Wastes map. The fourth was probably my proudest moment. Shazara, for those of you who haven't been around super long, was utterly dominant during the early years of the game, to the extent that he was considered practically unbeatable. I had the lobby open, he popped in, "Hey!", and we got down to business. It was on the Ironfist Mountains map, with the narrow passageway in the middle. He went first - an Executioner, which in those days could use Exertion right away. It was considered the ideal first turn draw. On my end... a nora miner. He capped his font and managed to contest mine right off the bat. What happened next was about an hour or so of back and forth, with me gradually pushing him back and finally outplaying him to destroy his shrine. I still remember that as the moment I finally considered myself 'decent'.

    Of course, there were many other moments which are half remembered or somewhat murky in my mind. I half remember matches I had against other big names with ~15 people messaging me at once telling to kick so-and-so's a**, my guild mates cheering me on, being cheeky when playing the admins like HawkFain. Too many incredible matches to remember... the swap from random to non-random. The Dwarven King + Heavy Crossbow combo. Banish Banish Nora Drain. Poison BGs. Phalanx style. Sunder BGs. Dragon Skull + 2x Firestorm. Unholy Tomb + Festering Wounds + Dark Priest (my least favourite of all things to play against). Snowstorm + Frost cone. So many others. What I do remember, throughout my my entire experience (until SOE bought the game and turned the power creep up to 10, at which point the game stopped being fun for me for the most part) was making some really good friends on here, having an absolute blast playing this game, and really enjoying the community. I used to think of runes on my walk home from high school and I would design BGs in my spare time. I remember all the shenanigans we started with heelflip and @Dagda, and banter between SL and IS. I'm really going to miss this game, even though I don't really play it all that often any more. I pop my head in from time to time to make see what's going on, and it's going to be weird not being able to do that. I like to design new BGs and test them out on single player if I had a bit of time. I'm going to miss this game.

    Anyway, a special thank you to the admins, especially to Gedden, @MentalMoles and @Sokolov for everything you've done for the game and for me. It's been amazing and you guys have been awesome. You have done a good job at trying to restore the game to what it was before. I love you guys.
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  15. Axeraiser

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    Honestly man you were the guy that gave me the drive to be good at this game, I started in March 07 just before Drums of War, I had been playing circus, then a little ST when we had custom rank matches where you could set maps. I was trash and my only strategy was to play every game on the large ST map and hope I got my Lonx Ambushers and would literally just stealth walk my way across the whole outside of the map and somehow hope I pulled off a sneaky shrine rush lol. I remember watching you play and thinking Dwarves were bad ass and thus my journey down the Ironfist path began. I watched all your games, tried to copy your custom builds on champs ( which failed horribly ) and basically fanboyed you hard. ( I also remember being super jelly of your IS Harb).

    The IS forums was where I spent much of my early time on Pox, you , Greatbeard, KahzModan, Asidra, ArtmanOz and many many more became great friends nad hours and hours of fun was had in the game and on the forums. I remember when Drums of War first came out and you could view the top ranked player for each faction and at the time it was you, and I remember thinking 'Im going to catch him' . I got better and started ranking up and I distinctly remember you pm'ing me during a game 'You're getting pretty close to me 'eh?' . Honestly the day I surpassed you on that Drums of War list was one of the best days in Pox for me :p I went on and hit and held battlemaster for a while when IS was considered in the bottom 2 factions and splits were dominant, and then again after I had taken a few months off and came back and played constructs when they werent even a theme and no one was playing them. Many hours and nights spent up talking late on MSN messenger (lol) and battling for rank 1 with @TheRavager @Taylor @devilsrath were some of the best times of my youth. The Pox community really was great man.
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  16. GemmaXylia

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    When you read through the thread to see if you made it in anyone’s memories

    Rip I guess not.

    Forever being mediocre but acting like I was great at this game. Confidence is key!
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  17. Axeraiser

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    i remember you gemma <3 we had some good talks on msn lol
  18. Baskitkase

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    Is it still called cyber or is it ERP now?
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  19. JaceDragon

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    I feel the same lol
  20. calisk

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    I remember you gemma....not our games....but I remember your name so as I've said before that means something with my terrible memory for names

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