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    So guys ive been inactive for way too long. And after hearing about the new management and the revamp, Ive made a comeback. Now im aware alot of people may not remember me, but for those that dont know I was a player of stitched since their first release, and quite the active campaigner for them(including a guide posted in the old forums). Since the revamp ive noticed a big change in the stitched, one thing that remains the same is that the reconstruction mechanic, which ill address in detail. Now without further ado here is my guide to play stitched(also if anyone can tell me how to insert pictures itd be a big help)

    Now one thing to know when playing stitched is the faction. Ill admit ive never seen anything asides from UD/FW since most stitched related spells are from both these factions. However if someone does find a combo with a faction run me through the mechanics and ill do what I can to help out.

    For heroes, the choices are either M.Sarinda or Kiergana. Ive always played M.Sarinda and despite her recent nerfs. However due to the recent changes pointed out by some fellow stitched players(Skeezick and Tweek), I found that Kiergana is a much more valid option due to the numerous builds she can be played around with.


    Stitched First(Transfer Life+Relocate Relic)
    First on my list is the Stitched First(lulz). Now back in the day this guy was the centerpiece for the stitched theme, and to this day remains my favorite champion. Although he's not as good now as he was in his glory days, he is still a solid. Relocate relic works great with mason's spire or far off remains while transfer life and reconstitute make him an excellent healer. 2x auto-include, or atleast 1

    Stitched Tyrant(Stitched Reconstitution+Colossal)
    Now this is a newer rune, and I have to say quite a good one. It is an excellent tank for its cost, and provides good support on the field. The best way to use this guy is on the frontline backed by reconstructors that help with making free champs off of his dead stichlings. 2x Auto-include

    Stitched Magearm(Magical Aura(1)+Damage Shield(1))
    Pointed out by Netherzen, this guy is actually worth taking a look at. His abilities give him excellent ranged and magic damage potential, the only problem he runs into are immunity magical champs which aren't too rampant in the game anyways, and they can be countered with soulreave. Worth a spot

    Stitched Magician(Reckless blast 1+spellswallower)
    An excellent ranged champ, I would definitely include 1 or 2 of these. Their range makes it easy for you to snipe champs and reconstruct him easily incase he dies as you wont have to reach the remains.

    Stitched Mirrorskin
    Dont know what to say about this guy. At 71 nora, a 2x2 with 6 dmg is not something id run, and mirrored is a very situational ability as your opponent can easily counter it. Not worth a slot imo

    Stitched Monolith(Resistance magical 3+Sentinel/relic guardian)
    This guy used to cost 120 nora when he was first released. Although he has lumbering, he's still a pretty good font defender, and he can get a few free attacks in with sentinel and force your opponent to focus on him, buying your other champs some time. Dont run him if you have dislike lumbering though, but if you happen to dont run more than one

    Stitched Anathema(Jolt 1+Sever Summons)
    A great ranged champ, and an excellent counter to decks heavy on summons(skeletons,zombies etc.). Repulsion is icing on the cake. No need for 2, but include atleast 1.

    Stitched Blackguard
    A good champ, but I simply don't run him as he can be reconstructed by the Hexer(see below)

    Stitched Librarian(Teleport 1+Spell charged 3)
    Hurts your opponent's nora and is a great detect option. Can also help cap fonts with teleport. Be sure to include atleast 1.

    Stitched Merged
    Priced at 101 nora, i think Tyrant is a much better tank option. Dont include

    Stichling(Latch on+multiattack)
    I used to include 2 back in the day, however they are worth running since Sarinda needs a sacrifice for her death toll. Run atleast 1. Don't include if you're not running M.Sarinda.

    Stitched Concealer
    Can do some very heavy damage early game, I dont run him however as ive never been a huge fan of stealth champs. Include only if you want.

    Stitched Dreameater
    An excellent stealth champ, but as mentioned above I dont run him, he can be reconstructed by the Shaman as well. Include only if you want.

    Stitched Hexer(Reconstruct:Blackguard+Weary)
    A key champ to your deck, plain and simple. He can hex champs at range, and reconstruct very tanky blackguards. 2x auto-include

    Stitched Mangler
    A good champ, but can be reconstructed by the seamstress. Dont run unless you want to

    Stitched Mesmer
    This guy seems like a good champ, but doesnt fit into the whole theme. Dont include unless you want to


    Stitched Seamstress(Death Charged(3)+Frost cone)
    The best support champ for stitched, and a very good healer. To top that off he can reconstruct manglers. As for upgrades I go for frost cone instead of Disease Breath incase i have to deal with a relic. Definitely 2x auto-include


    Stitched Shaman(Deconstruct+Reconstruct)
    Very good champ, used to be even better with evasive,life siphon and essence capture on base. Still a great champ, can deconstruct and reconstruct dreameaters. 2x auto-include


    Stitched Warlock(Grace of the Dead(2)+spell charged(2))
    This guy used to be great, now he's too expensive and too squishy to run. Deconstruct is still a great ability but Tome of Faded Souls pretty much makes him unnecessary. Run 1 if you have to, otherwise don't run.
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    So for spell selection, Im going to list possible options to include instead of every FW or UD spell, as that would probably need a thread of its own

    I would say include 1, just to counter any healing based bgs(paladins) or prevent intensify on angels, which alot of people run. Its large area of effect also makes sure you can finish off any champions, or damage them enough for your deconstructors to get off a hit.

    Ancients Protection
    This is a pretty good spell worth consideration, as it can counter any spells your opponent might play to hurt your chances. Just beware it lasts 6 turns, so only play it if you feel your opponent is going to powerturn or play an expensive spell. Especially effective against KF or ST. Only one is needed
    Dead Zone Voodoo
    Granted this is an expensive spell(40 nora) but as stitched are slow and mostly ranged champs it can pay off quite well. Include 1 if needed


    Now this spell is really good in a stitched bg. You can take out a pesky relic and if you're champs are positioned correctly you can reconstruct another champ. Priced at 35 nora you're essentially getting a 35 nora champ and taking out a relic to boot. 2x auto-include however 1 should be enough imo
    Quite an expensive spell at 50 nora, but you can cliffdive an opponent's champ easily. I find it too situational to run, however its a good option and might even win some games, so consider running 1

    Essence Drain
    Another 50 nora spell, pretty good in getting rid of pesky champs, and if done right you can deconstruct them into another stitched. Worth atleast 1 slot

    Too costly, would only be worth running if it left a remains, but since this isnt the case i would say its not worth a slot

    An excellent powerturn spell, the key is to know when to play it. If used right it can help you go a long way into winning a game. Include atleast 1

    This is also a great spell. I find it hard to use, but it serves as a great counter to champs like Ancestral Avenger. Include 1 if you feel like you need it
    Now this is a spell you cant forget. Mainly used for the damage, you can use it on a near-death champ, buff up another champ and then reconstruct the remains. Its a pretty win-win type of spell, so definitely include 1

    Never forget to include this spell. I find it better to use than reaper's blade, and it can be a great help in dealing with impervious champs or champs that would otherwise be immune to your attacks.

    Steal Life
    Another great spell, as it can be used on a champ that you can potentially deconstruct. Heals a champ as an added benefit, and the damage is Loss of Life so it goes through impervious and immunities. Include 1

    A definite auto-include. If you can get more than one champion out of it then it can help you a great deal, but even one champ for 60 nora is good. Include atleast 1

    Avenging Flame
    This used to leave remains when cast on a stitched champ, not sure if its still the case but its worth an include if it does.

    Include only if preferred, although i wouldnt suggest it since you already should have disintegrate to deal with relics.

    Eye for an Eye
    An excellent ability especially if cast on a Seamstress. Although cleanse is common it can still be useful especially when fighting FW or UD.

    Fading Recollection
    Ah this good old spell, by far one of my favorites. Cast it on a champ that is based on abilities, or cast it on a hero. Whatever you decide make sure its worth more than the cost of this spell so you can truly benefit.

    A spell worth a look, especially if you're running stichlings. Make sure to keep the remains out of range if you happen to cast it on a champ so you can reconstruct easily.

    Price of Victory
    Another powerturn spell, but i doubt you'll need it if you're running mobilization

    Pretty much a spot cleanse, run it if you wish, although Soul Reaver would be a better option

    This spell used to leave remains when cast, not the case anymore. Its still a great spell thats worth a slot.

    Another great spell, although once again doesnt leave any remains. Probably not worth an include imo

    A great equip removal spell, although Librarian also has recycle to deal with equips too


    Elsarin Vex
    You can run either this or the UD warbanner, doesnt matter which but be sure to run atleast one of them.

    Grim Well
    A really good relic, has helped me in a ton of spots. Especially since stitched are squishy and lack champs above 6spd so it can be a big help.

    Mason's Spire
    Due to all relics being re costed the spires are an excellent include especially when paired up with a stitched First. 2x auto-include

    Scouring Jasper
    A pretty good relic to help kill of any champs or contest a font, so worth an include

    Unholy Tomb
    Worth consideration as stitched are heavy on the attrition side, dont run 1 if you dont want to though

    Mark of Sheoul
    Run this if you're not running the FW banner, make sure to run atleast 1 though

    Orb of Protection
    Another must-have relic, its just a great deploy that helps your champs survive. Include atleast 1
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    Not really any equipment to run, but ill suggest some anyways

    Bracelet of mirrors
    Used to be pretty good when Sarinda had eradicate on base, but not worth running now imo

    Darkmarsh Blackstaff
    Used to be Timothy the Vile's equip, but now id say worth a looksie as it gives immunity-magical, otherwise not much use

    Reaper's Blade
    Another good option if you decide not to run Soulreave. Also goes through impervious so worth a spot.

    Soul Reaver
    A very good spot-cleanse option, and better than Purefire so worth a slot if you find youreself needing a cleanse

    Stitched Hex Doll
    Only included this because it had the word Stitched in it. Not worth a slot

    Tempest Crown
    Worth a spot if you want to boost Tyrant's survivability

    Worth running atleast 1 to help deal with perseverance champs

    Tome of Faded Souls
    Due to the recent changes its definitely a 2x auto-include
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    Newer Expansion Stitched

    Stitched Skeleform(Unleash+any of the other 3)
    Although he's not a full fledged stitched, he is very useful and I would recommend having atleast one. His damage output can reach 22 if you are running him with enrage, and he is the only stitched with 8 speed which only increases his usefulness. Best way to use him would with a deconstructor, as his high damage output can set it up to where you can get some free champions.

    Stitched Suppressor(Distract+Suppression)
    The most recent Stitched to be given to us, this champ is purely for support. However given his relative cost and the fact that his bonus extends only 5 spaces instead of the 8 spaces granted by the relic, I wouldn't suggest running this guy. Additionally your opponents will be gunning for him as soon as he hits the board, which will not end well given his squishyness.
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    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    If you wish for help in the build. Agirgis1 and I would be glad to assist.
  6. EmperorSauron

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    I just need to put in some pictures and if the thread could be stickied so that any new players have access to it, Thanks!
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    Then you're a bit late with comeback, before the revamp there were great ST, SL, and FS variations, and now they all are gone, as well as half ud/fw builds.
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    HIS BACK!!!! AMEN!
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    Thank you muchly sauron, this work is greatly appreciated :)
  10. Tweek516

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    Although I would perhaps change some of the colour scheme slightly :/
  11. EmperorSauron

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    Glad the guide was helpful, the color scheme I went for was Faction/Rarity/Rune manager color-code. If I do receive another concern ill be more than happy to change it :)
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    ^maybe make fw a bit lighter cause black confused me until i looked closer and saw writing. -> otherwise was perfect.

    I figured you guys all played stitched alot, was going to ask if anyone has a spare stitchling and hexer? (All i seem to be missing from my bg)
    (If me asking is rude in anyway feel free to let me know an i will add it to trade section instead)
    Willing to offer stuff.
  13. EmperorSauron

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  14. Leadrz

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    Also what to you recommend for detect?... My fav detection unit lost it. librarian.
  15. EmperorSauron

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    For detection I have the UD font bonus, but if you have FW i would say use a seamstress+eye for an eye combo, and then park a relic into the font. For relics i would do grim well or orb of protection, or even scouring jasper.
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    I'm considering playing again and only using stitched ( So id be playing for mainly fun not aiming highest rank xD ) , your post is enjoyable as it gives me a different perspectives to my opinions... btw too colourful chill out xD gj :)
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    our lord and savior is back! lets celebrate by buffing first
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    Hey, could you update this thread?
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    update on what? first is auto now,rest is same as before
    also dont read guidez,get gud

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