Sceian's 2nd Ability Line

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  1. soulmilk

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    Sceian is probably my favorite rune in the game, but because of the change to Warcry, he can now pretty much only be played in Voils.
    Anyone have a suggestion to a non-voil upgrade in the 2nd ability line to make him useful in other BGs too?
    Please discuss.
  2. 0ryuk0

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    How 'bout Declare Target?
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  3. RedScarlet

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    My take on Sceian if he ever gets changed: take out every racial shiet out of his design and make him like every other heroes: can be splashed efficiently in goodstuffs. Take out Bulwark: Voil and Lift from base, and move it to Upgrade 1 as the 3rd ability.(-5 Nora from base cost)

    [With -3 nora as Bulwark:Voil is taken out of base, his default cost is 82 Nora]
    Bulwark: Voil (-5 Nora) [at 77 nora cost Sceian]
    Barrage 1 (+0 Nora) [at 82 nora cost Sceian]
    Barrage 2 (+3 Nora) [at 85 nora cost Sceian]

    Dragging Attack (-6 Nora) [76 nora Sceian]
    Combo Attack: Declare Target (-2 Nora) [80 nora Sceian]
    Warcry (+0 Nora) [at 82 nora cost Sceian]

    How's that? Both DA and CA becomes more effective design-wise when coupled with Barrage

    1) You can go racial build on him: Warcry+Bulwark:Voil at 77 Nora
    2) You can go goodstuff on him: ComboAttack+Barrage 1 at 80 Nora
    3) Or you can go efficient on him: DraggingAttack+Barrage 1 at 76 Nora
    4) Or you can go super cheap: DraggingAttack+Bulwark:Voil at 71 Nora

    P.S When you take out 'Lift' too, adjust -2 Nora to every number here.

    Ok, 69 Nora Sceian sounds sick. nevermind.
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