Seraphim Sarinda

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  1. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    This is my attempt at making a balanced 150 nora rune.

    Magnus regained his courage and with the help of Azaren and his army of beasts, captured Matriarch Sarinda, she said "please help me you dont know what they have done to me", taking mercy on the stitched Matriarch they converted her into a new type of Groble called a Seraphim this would be her final form indomitable and invincible.

    Faction: Protectorate Only
    150 nora
    Races Construct and Angel
    Class Paladin
    HP: 60
    Defense: 5
    Range: 1
    Damage: 16
    Speed: 7

    Justice - This Champion either has Lay on Hands and Meteor or Charged Magic Bomb 3, Charged Fire Bomb 3 and Charged Lightning Storm 3. Spend 10 AP switch stances the abilities begin on cool down
    Lay on Hands
    Meteor 10 AP CD 10 - Summon a meteor Ao5 that does 20 physical damage in the centre -2 damage outside of its centre of impact and knockback 1. The meteor has sacrifice death nova fire 4. Your Champions gain Impervious for 1 turn.
    Spell Charged 3
    Charged Heal

    Upgrade Path 1
    Majestic 2

    Upgrade Path 2
    Thirst for Battle
    Trail Hallowed Ground
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  2. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    Divine Judement
    Faction: Protectorate Only
    50 Nora
    Summon a Great Old One from one from one of your 2 factions, Seraphim Sarinda gain Ascendance.

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