SHALLAXY: How are we going to fix you

Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by RedScarlet, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. RedScarlet

    RedScarlet I need me some PIE!

    Just a thread for devs to read on Shallaxy and how to retain its originality. As of now, she's a lackluster Elven Taskmaster. And costs more than Taskmaster.
    As we can see, Korona got Bloodseeker back. I think it's time we balance her. I've to say Deploy: Rock Trap and Gravity Well, and Evasive 3 is really hard to take down.

    Since she only has Evasive 1 now, I think both Gravity Well + Rock Trap can be placed back onto her core abilities. And as of now, her base stats is quite high, maybe we can tweak it.


    our Shallaxy, the Trusted Courier (80 Nora)
    Attack: Magical
    Deploy: Rock Trap
    Sonic Flight

    Swap 1 (-2 Nora) // Pull (+0 Nora) // Gravity Well (+2 Nora)

    Shred Defense (-2 Nora) // Illuminate (+0 Nora) // Rend 2 (+2 Nora)

    Retains a core ability of Deploy: Rock Trap, and with the massive number of Unstoppable champs this might still be okay. Upgrade path 1 leans towards mobility. She should offer some mobility to the BG in the form of Pull, Gravity Well, or Swap. Thus, her unique characteristics comes from her Mobility Abilities. Upgrade 2 leans more towards her on hit ability. Rend 1-2-3 is such a redundancy on design space. I think she can be much more. Not sure about costing whether its too much or too less, but design-wise, I think she should be able to offer Mobility or some kinda combo. It would dictate her 150k worth, unlike the current Taskmaster v0.5

    New Shallaxy, Trusted Courier (75 Nora)
    Attack: Magical
    Sonic Flight
    Hit and Run

    Swap 1 (-2 Nora) // Swap 2 (0 Nora) // Swap 3 (+2 Nora)

    Knockout (-3 Nora) // Stealth (+0 Nora) // Divert (+3 Nora)

    This buildup is a tad different given that she has less HP, more range. This design eliminates Deploy: Rock Trap and Gravity Well in the case that devs think that both abilities are OP (for some reason, don't know what). However, her main cheese would be to offer (again), MOBILITY to the BG. She would be able to save someone by Swapping, hit nearby opponents once, then using Upgrade Path 2: either Paralyze them (knockout), Stealth and run away (basically you save one of your champs, and deal 1 hit to them and run away as if nothing happened), or Divert on the champ to really save his ****.

    These are just ideas on top of my head. But please, let's help Shallaxy out and post your ideas so that devs might see it. Or just argue on the current Shallaxy's standings.

    P.S, I do play Shallaxy in my BG as a Swap-oriented champ for mobility purposes (Albino Fesh). Works well, but Shallaxy herself is quite worthless, I'd rather have the cheaper 2 Mindshredders doing Swaps than my 75 Nora Shallaxy.
  2. WraithxxV

    WraithxxV Active Member

    I actually don't think Shallaxy should have deploy: rock trap, it's such a strong ability that it makes her worth an include everywhere.

    Maybe something like...
    Attack: Magical
    Sonic Flight
    Hit and Run

    Swap 1 (-2 Nora) // Swap 2 (0 Nora) // Swap 3 (+2 Nora)

    Slam (-2 Nora) // Illuminate (0 Nora) // Rend 2 (+0 Nora)

    All about the mobility, no longer tanky. Might be able to drop to 75ish nora.
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  3. soulmilk

    soulmilk I need me some PIE!

    Isn't deploy: rock trap Shallaxy's signature ability? @_@ Feels kinda weird if that isn't on her.
  4. RedScarlet

    RedScarlet I need me some PIE!

    I feel like Gravity Well was her signature ability (before its splashed on 2 more champs). . . .
    Deploy: Rock Trap is strong tho... so no Deploy: Rock Trap, and Gravity Well's not her sig ability...

    any ideas on what Shallaxy's signature ability should be???

    Base 75 NORA
    Attack: Magical
    Sonic Flight
    Hit and Run

    Swap 1 (-2 Nora) // Swap 2 (0 Nora) // Swap 3 (+2 Nora)

    Slam (-2 Nora) // Violent (+0 Nora) // Rend 2 (+1 Nora)

    All about the mobility, no longer tanky. Might be able to drop to 75ish nora.

    interesting, most of what SP needs: Swap/Pull/Relocate + Slam. Violent seems redundant on her compared to Slam. Maybe Slam // Pull // Blind?
  5. Nebron

    Nebron I need me some PIE!

    Ok before we take this discussion any further, we need to find out what @Gedden didn't like about her in the first place. I'm guessing she was utterly butchered for a reason other than saving time and it doesn't make sense for us to propose changes that fall back into the thing that he hated in the first place.
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  6. WraithxxV

    WraithxxV Active Member

    Well, the stats you're proposing look like pre - revamp stats (except for the 6 speed), and Pull would be too strong I'm sure, but I'm glad you liked the idea xD

    Edited Violent and won't suggest anything more due to Nebron being right.
  7. Legato

    Legato I need me some PIE!

    Swap 1 is worthless, and don't suggest costs, just abilities -- they have the costs.
    Especially against that set.

    I like the idea of picking between Pull and Gravity Well, I think just those 2 are fine since nothing else would ever win against those (As much as I LOVE swap 3).
    Shred Defense doesn't fit.

    I want her to get a theme ability, but there's not much that comes to mind. Other than having her trigger a voil exclusive spell effect on deploy.
  8. Molosse

    Molosse I need me some PIE!

    Reduce her/his (?) ability to deal/take damage and make him/her(?) a mobile troll, when in it's previous incarnation Shallaxy was too much of everything (Gravity Well/Battledrum/Deploy:Rock Trap/-1ap aura etc) and in current Voil, since you can achieve god awful efficiency with all the phalanx shenangians, have Shallaxy stand out as a champion similar to Voil Jester, not about dealing damage but instead disrupting the plans and formation of the enemy.
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  9. Burcho

    Burcho I need me some PIE!

    battle harden? as a leader
    distract? ~as the courier
    stealth / escape / confuse? flavor text
  10. WraithxxV

    WraithxxV Active Member

    Check PoxBase, I just went for the ability costs mentioned there.
    Anyways, I'm more in favor of what Nebron said: there was something the devs didn't like about old Shallaxy and any changes should probably be similar to what the rune is now to avoid causing the same initial problem.
  11. Legato

    Legato I need me some PIE!

    She did too much, and could use two spell effects, and a relic for free. It's not really that surprising he didn't like it, I'm just shocked she lost all of them and not just 2 of 3.
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  12. gillo

    gillo I need me some PIE!

    Don't fix her at all. Making Korona viable was a mistake. None of the 150k's should be auto includes.
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  13. RedScarlet

    RedScarlet I need me some PIE!

    I won't mind having Shallaxy as its current level, but at least replace Rend with something else, and give the same verdict to other 150ks. I just got mad after going up against a still-the-same Snogvie.
  14. PurpleTop

    PurpleTop I need me some PIE!

    I figure her in her old form was too strong with a combination of Deploy Rock Trap and deflect. Deflect was taken off which was much needed. I liked gravity well, and I think that that should at least be an option instead of swap.... obviously both would be overkill. I think that what should be available, instead of the swap upgrade is

    Deploy Rock trap
    Gravity Well

    Maybe swap 3 in place of pull, but those should be the options. Obviously i will leave the costing to more suitable people, but you get the picture. I don't mind rend being on her, however maybe instead of rend 1 as an option, allow for Illuminate. If one or both of these changes were made, I think she would be able to get her originality and role back, while still keeping her power level in check.
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  15. PurpleTop

    PurpleTop I need me some PIE!

    I also think Hit and Run should be replaced with something else.... something both flavorful and useful. With the range nerf she went through I just don't see this ability being useful on her at all, and it makes no sense flavor wise. Replace it with something else.
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  16. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    The only reason I ran shallaxy was for battledrum. Everything else was nice and all, but if she didn't have battledrum she would not have made my deck
  17. allyorbase

    allyorbase I need me some PIE!

    An idea for Shallaxy, with a big emphasis on harassment and support:

    Range back to 1-2
    Lower her HP to 48
    DEF to 1​

    Base abilities:
    Attack: Magical
    Sonic Flight

    Upgrades Set 1:
    Hinder Movement =
    Invigorate 2 +
    Battle Drum ++​

    Upgrades Set 2:
    Wicked Aura 1 =
    Energy Thief +​

    So, now she serves two very specific, but related purposes: AP tinkering + harassment. Adjust cost to compensate.

    EDIT: I meant to put Battle Drum, not Hymn. Oops.
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  18. Nebron

    Nebron I need me some PIE!

  19. allyorbase

    allyorbase I need me some PIE!

    Why LOL?

    Making Korona viable was a mistake? Do explain. Players worked hard to get her. Should she not be runnable, simply because other players don't have her? She's nowhere near her previous power level, and she's relatively expensive, nora-wise. I'm just wondering if you are raging against LEs out of jealousy. It really seems that way.

    I'll also put this out there: DOG discontinued the 150Ks. They didn't have to. They could have simply balanced all of them and even lowered their gold price a bit to make it easier for factioneers to afford them. So, of all the LEs, I really don't get the hatred against the 150Ks. They were the only good LEs that any player could afford for free with enough hard work, time, and determination. If anything, runes like that need to come back, instead of charging us a ton of game gold for silly tokens that are way overcosted.
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  20. WraithxxV

    WraithxxV Active Member

    Well, let's do some math...

    Your stat adjustments, lets say 0 nora for fun's sake.
    -Swap 2, -4 Nora
    -Rend 2, -6 Nora
    -Hit and Run, -8 Nora
    +Sweep, +8 Nora
    +Trickster, +13 Nora
    +Hinder Movement, +6 Nora
    +Energy Thief, +8 Nora (Wicked Aura no longer exists)

    +Invigorate 2, +11 Nora (-6 for Hinder Movement)
    +Battle Drum, +6 Nora (-6 for Hinder Movement)

    So, 80-4-6-8+8+13+6+8 = 97 Nora for your build, or 102 with Invig.

    So...Lol. Do it all champs ftw.

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