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    As we know the shattered peaks bonus is to get Nora back when deploying and partially when deinig, this connotates our gameplay as well. It pushes the faction to prefer deploying champions over relics, spells, equips so we can make the most out of the bonus. Fw has a similar idea in that they want to keep deploying, and have champs die, while we just want to have champs deployed and having them die is only a small benefit.

    With this in mind lets look at the shatterd peaks themes and how they help improve on this idea of KEEP DEPLOYING!

    This race has dogpile, where every time they attack, another stack is applied and they do more dmg. so yes here we also want to keep deploying to get the most out of the theme passive because the more champs we have out the more stacks and as such more dmg per champion per attack. Having 3 champs hitting 2 times each can bump up the dmg PER HIT by 6 for every champion hitting that champ. of course this idea is limited by the enemys hp and the 4turn cooldown, because usually at 6 hits in all most champs are dead. so you will most of the time not get over 6 extra dmg per hyaenid.

    This race is based off of high hp and ok dmg, in general they are amazing at engaging with battledrummer and cast alacrity, but their innate late game is not super high by itself other then the powerturns. With this theme, you again want to build up a medium sized army (5 champs) and then go all in. After the powerturn, sp is full with ways of countering the counter engage such as: Rocktrap, Whispers of the mind, Drudgery...
    i would say this is true for all cyclops sub moduals except the constructs variant who are ok with building up larger armies because of build tough, but they too are good in engaging and stoping the counter with champs such as cyclops Symbiot.
    So... over all idea with cyclops- Build up medium army, and then full on powerturn / engage and hinge on the fact that once you are in their face, you should win with superior stats... because as @Agirgis1 says, cyclops are STATBAGS and dont forget to keep deploying because once your in the fight, you need to keep up the steady flow of champs, because your Superior stats should win over in the long run.

    Again, just keep deploying, just keep deploying(said in dorys voice)...but the difference with this race then most other sp themes is that they dont want a steady fight going, but instead are very ok with just waiting the game out and doing nothing with champions such as oozing slag and relics like sludge pool

    Want to keep deploying and to pull the enemy apart at many different fonts with small annoying moga, because the enemy will have to put a full champ 75 nora champ down at a side font to defend vs our 40 nora champ... and again, when the need arises Moga can either engage with catapult or just pull the enemy into traps with vicious harpoon. Once the numbers have gotten high enough, we have heavy hitting surge G'hern and spells like Strength in numbers and intimidate to further prove the point that SP is the faction that just wants to keep deploying.



    The Race passive also provokes the idea of high numbers to get the most out of feulrage and the free hits from the kanen, secondly the relic as well as boost is better the more champs it is on, and as such kanen rather have more little champs that few big ones.
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    SP Elementals... nasty with knock back malarkey.
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    Voil; Fly around and hit stuff in the head.

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