Sickly Sludgy Slithering Slags

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    Sounds great. Im following your recommended upgrades, although I am very tempted to do distracting blows on voltaic, i just love cheap champs and distracted is amazing. I could see the +1 range being situational useful though. I didn't cast voltaic in the game so Ill have to continue play-testing
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    have been running this for a while with some success.
    • Aspect of Chaos is great for anti-ranged, repulsion pushes through ooze, passive damage ramp for stall games, and grows MASSIVE with oozing slag deaths, of which you're guaranteed to have 3 or 4 at least.
    • Tempest crown is there for oozking, giving him majestic to be able to go toe-to-toe with melee superchamps, plus pawn procs on oozing slag meat makes him invincible
    • Misleading signage is underrated for font contesting, plus wandering will proc ooze tap.
    • Havoc's touch is reserved for oozeking slag double tap for massive damage (and ~12 nora gen off double tap), especially on turns after they proc guarded:slag.
    • cyclops for dispel and counter-summons.
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    Very interesting list to be sure
  4. nico

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    whitout sludge pool are slags still playable?
  5. Etherielin

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    Yes - they have access to the KF slag now and their slag slop spell has a limit of 3 now.
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