Sigil Druid

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    Sigil Druid
    Art: A dwarven Druid in the mountains
    Flavor: After so much time with the griffins he opted to become one of them

    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Druid
    Speed: 5
    Dmg: 8
    Range: 3-5
    Def: 0
    Health: 45

    Attack: Magic
    Honorary Sigil
    Granite Wing Form (starts on CD 4/5)

    U1: Grant Healing potion, Grant stoneskin potion, Grant magical aura
    U2: Grant: Flight, Domain: Rock, Mounteneer

    Granite Wing
    Art: A wingless griffin again, somewhere in the mountains
    Flavor: Even without wings the mountains did not pose any problems for the Granite Wing.
    Race: beast
    Class: Warrior
    Speed: 7
    Dmg: 12
    Range: 1
    Def: 1
    Health: 45

    Attack: Talon attack (just phys is fine as well)
    Swoop (although Pounce 3 would be a better idea)

    U1: rend 1 (default)/2/3
    U2: Domain: Rock, Mountaineer (default)

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