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    Silfeed I need me some PIE!

    I want to start off by giving thanks to L33ch for the creative title to this thread. I will be uploading games as much as I'm able to. The first few games have no sound because I didn't plan on doing commentary. A lot of players told me I should just commentate anyway. Hopefully you will be able to see my improvement the more games I record. I usually record top players, people I know, and just interesting games that I see. If there is a good game going on, message me on discord and if I'm not a work or busy, I try to record it.

    My goal is to not only record games but spark a bit of life back into the game. I plan on doing personal game videos, meaning I would record a match that you are playing (I could do commentary or not) and make the video private. Only you would get the link to the video so it would be something that you could go back and study over. I plan on doing tournaments. Most of it would take place on Saturdays since I'm not as busy during the weekends.

    I will continue to add games here and we will see how things play out. Hope you enjoy it. Also, let me know where I can improve.

    Markoth (IS Barbarians) vs N1NN11 (UD) -
    Lexard (SP/SL Kanen) vs Hermaios (ST Ferrens) -
    Andrew057 (KF) vs WastinTime (IS/FS Collective) -
    Kokon3 (IS/SL) vs Yolisimo (UD/FW Stitched) -
    SakisSpeed (FW Liches) vs Silfeed (KF Vashals) -
    BLACKDRAGON (FS Poison) vs Getsome31 (IS Grintmaws) -
    Braxzee (ST) vs Ending671 (ST Frost) -
    D34th2c0m3 (ST) vs 4cid (SL) -
    SakiSpeed (FS Mirefolk) vs Bigga340 (FS Tortuns) - Game 2 of Tournament -
    Perseus97 (SP Kanens) vs Silfeed (KF Vashals) - Game 3 of Tournament -
    Andrew057 (KF) vs TheOutCast (UD/ST) -
    Rorschack (FS/ST) vs Voidtrain (FW/SP Death Benefit) -
    Markus422 (KF) vs Vampiro85 (SL) -
    Goremir (ST Frost) vs Markus422 (SP Voils) -
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    Silfeed I need me some PIE!

    November 17, 2019. Highlander Tournament

    Markoth (IS Dwarves) vs KingStannis (FW Witches) - Highlander Tournament 1- Game 1 - Quarterfinals

    Badgerale (UD) vs Fentum (UD/ST) - Highlander Tournament 1 - Game 2 - Quarterfinals

    NoraThat (IS Griffin) vs Perseus97 (IS Paladin) - Highlander Tournament 2 - Game 1 - Quarterfinals

    Rorschach (FS Boghopper) vs Markus422 (KF) - Highlander Tournament 2 - Game 2 - Quarterfinals
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    Silfeed I need me some PIE!

    My Personal Games -
    I want to compose a list of games where you can see my progress on the path to top 100. Any game I start recording, I will post it whether I win or lose. I will try to post as much as I can but during the weekdays, that's usually a problem.

    Silfeed (FS/UD Torts) vs NeoScorpio (UD) -

    Silfeed (KF/UD Torts) vs Igorotyra (ST/UD Bounty) -
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  4. Silfeed

    Silfeed I need me some PIE!

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    L33Ch I need me some PIE!

    Nice start , enjoyed watching all the vids, GL on your path. Definitely continue with the commentary, liked hearing how u think and your spin on playing a split Torts and Vashal BG.
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    turtlejam The King of Potatoes

    I haven't watched all your videos yet, but I appreciate the commentary. It really helps me to understand strategies much better.
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  7. Silfeed

    Silfeed I need me some PIE!

    New Update:

    Karmavore (KF Elves) vs EvlesRule (FW Worms) -

    D34th2cOm3 (SL Dragons) vs Badgerale (UD) -

    GabrielQ (FS/SP) Collective vs Igorotyra (IS/FS) -
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