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  1. BurnPyro

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    so much effort

    i don't use console out of principle
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    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    Basically as you go through the game, pick everything up. Eat it to get the first of 4 possible effects. Things like Hawk Feathers cure disease when eaten, and they're lighter than potions, so carry them around. After that, random mixing can get you the rest. Before long you'll know the recipes by heart. Most similarly colored items craft together, and most found in the same areas craft together.
  4. PurpleTop

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    you're missing out
  5. BurnPyro

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    real men don't console
  6. if you have to cheat
    you should be beat
  7. PurpleTop

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    Try the "Winter is Coming" cloak mod. It adds a ton of cloaks that look like the ones in Game of Thrones to the game.

    Also Immersive Armors. Thank me later
  8. AmmonReros

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    Are cloaks actually waving correctly?
    Or are they stiff as a board?
    Because that is like the last thing I knew of cloaks in Skyrim.
  9. BurnPyro

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    they waver a bit from left to right

    but the end is stiff so your feet keep bugging through, which is quite annoying
  10. BurnPyro

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    Restarted once more, because Firk it that's why.

    Rich old guy redguard with a home in solitude, lost family in the war. Is mad. Does mad stuff.
  11. Skullferno

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    Why restart Skryrim when Fallout 4 makes first contact at midnight my friend?
  12. SkeletonKing

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    Because Fallout 4 is unlikely to have Necromancy.

    ...not that that's going to stop me from playing the crap out of it.
    So hyped.

  13. BurnPyro

    BurnPyro Forum Royalty

    because skyrim > fallout

    im not all that into the whole futuristic "lets shoot everything" kinda game
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  14. Skullferno

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    I'm into the whole, I have a Firking dog now type of thing
  15. BurnPyro

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    so, fallout 3?
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  16. PurpleTop

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    I agree, BP. Skyrim is far superior to every fallout (and every Bethesda game, previous ES games included) and always will be for ever with everything.

    I'll still be getting fallout for Xmas tho
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  17. PurpleTop

    PurpleTop I need me some PIE!

    Man I wanna get back into skyrim, but my computer is slowly losing its sense of reality. Ill have to wait until I get a new desktop first :(
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  18. BurnPyro

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    I got a new laptop, hardcore machine. Run everything on ultra, with high texture packs and mods on it.

    Im literally just running through the world not doing Bane Shift, it's so beautiful. Words can't describe.
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  19. Leadrz

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    Idk why, but my favourite is oblivion cause shivering isles.

    I'd play me some skyrim if I had it on computer, right now caught up in witcher 3 and it's world xD

    I treat and take the fallout series in a different light and find it more humorous than skyrim.

    My favourite quest in skyrim so far probably has to be the drinking contest.

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    Mines doing the same thing. Hoping to get a new Mouse, SSD, and a UPS with AVR around cyber Monday.
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