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    PurpleTop I need me some PIE!

    Yeah this has been my dream since the release of skyrim. Hopefully ill be there soon. I've never been able to use any graphical enhancing mods :(. The ones I do have do an excellent job of slowing down my computer. It's at the point now that playing skyrim is pretty much like watching a PowerPoint presentation
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    cyber monday?

    a black friday for cyber stuff?

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    Yeah it's the Monday right after. Black Friday. BF is store discounts and CM is for dicounts for things bought online.
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    Lushiris I need me some PIE!

    By the way @BurnPyro , I p-robably played Skyrim as much as you did, and loved every minute. But someone Dragon Age: Inquisition mentioned it in this post( like 10 months ago though), and after finally making my graphics driver work with it( nvidia stuff, in the end just had to make a clean install) I gotta say it's better than Skyrim. It actually has more things to do, and unlike Skyrim you actually have choices( the depth is insane, the most stupid choices influence the craziest things), and it's impossible to get bored with combat because in the rare event of becoming too strong, they have a whole menu for increasing game difficulty.

    But yea, my point is that if you liked Skyrim, you should try Inquisition. I'm in my 3rd character, and found out I made choices from day 1 that are coming in effect after 100 freeaking hours of play. Not starting over though, my Elven Champion is too badass for me to abandon him, I did solo a dragon with him( and only had to retry 8 times, at normal difficulty).

    And if words do not win you, there's the odd fact that my champion kind of looks like you, so if yourself riding a badass cow with your own keep as background won't convince you, I give up:

    Could've done better, but I just happened to be there when I felt like writing this post.

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    Been thinking about obtaining the Dragon Age series for quite some time. Without spoiling anything, what would be the mechanical, and gameplay highlights?
  6. Lushiris

    Lushiris I need me some PIE!

    Well, mechanically it isn't much different from Skyrim. You can jump around, climb stuff( and you need climbing skills at least as much as in Skyrim), and the combat is based on skills and potions, and you can pause the game to a tactical screen showing enemy stats, weaknesses, buffs, etc, which is insanely useful in tougher battles. There are ability combos( which you will have to google about, since the game itself doesn't give much information about them, as they're very good, although not essential). Fighting dragons is specially satisfying, they're basically the strongest enemies you'll find in the game, and are insanely tough.
    I took one hour to kill this dragon with my Champion(the guy in the picture), and yea, imagine several 1 hour attempts before the successful one. And I didn't do it for fun, because the dragon simply wiped my whole party except for my tank, and it actually managed to juke my main damage abilities quite effectively(I think the AI responds to critical damage).

    There are 4 races and 3 base classes, with each class branching into 3 specializations. You can have many companions( who have their own lore depth, quests, and influence in the main story), but since they all level up regardless of being in your party or not, you can use any of them as you see fit. Most things you do and say affect ow much your companions like you, and consequently the things you can do with them.

    Like I mentioned to burn, there's a great deal of connections in the game, and your dialogue choices may matter a LOT, sometimes in a very long term( as I recently found out( this isn't a spoiler because it's basically impossible to guess what actually matters before the game states it)). You can craft weapons and armor after acquiring schematics, and they can be widely different depending on the materials you use.

    There's at least one downside: collecting stuff. You have to gather materials all the time, and it's not a super fast animation. You can get by without gathering them, as you can buy all of them in shops(never tried it though, wouldn't be really cheap), but as I love crafting I spend lots of stuff on gear I might not even use. There really isn't grinding for levels, as quests, reading books(yes you get exp by reading) and bosses cover for most of your exp. There are other mechanics and features I won't list, because they're not few, and it's funnier seeing by yourself.

    Not sure if this covers what you wanted to know, but if you have other questions feel free to shoot them.
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    Exceptional. This is exactly what I wanted to know. Was curious before, and now I intend to buy them on Origins holiday sale later this month. Thanks.
  8. Lushiris

    Lushiris I need me some PIE!

    Np, edited btw lol. There's not one single post in these forums I haven't edited.

    And yea, I haven't finished the game yet if you're wondering, and I'm not even close. There's a LOT of things to do, and since I'm trying to cover everything it might take me at least another week of demi-hardcore gaming.

    Also I forgot to mention, there's romance in the game - saying it because it's not super explicit. Can't say much more than this or I'd spoil hardcore.
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    Lushiris I need me some PIE!

    One last thing, if I didn't make it clear. Mostly, characters remember your choices, and actually talk about them. That's the coolest feature IMO, loved it when my companion asked me if I'd be a pompous ****** as a Champion.

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    I've met similar systems. I'm pretty passive, and positive when gaming. I find it hard to play the bad guy or really any version of them. So npc's usually approve of my choices. Speaking of a game with pretty invested choices that I've encountered recently. Be sure to nab the sale, not worth it at it's full price. Not demon souls hard, but it definitely requires your full attention. Really like how they did it here. Don't remember what method of imput I used, be it controller, or mouse. Whatever I used it was fine.
  11. Lushiris

    Lushiris I need me some PIE!

    Yea my wrong choice is related to not being the nice guy. I screwed it up because I was "too" nice, when I should've picked a side.

    And yes, right now I was just... dungeon crawling, bored. Suddenly I open a big *** door, there's a small cutscene with random weirdos coming at me(not a spoiler, random weirdos everywhere in DAI), and suddenly an epic battle song plays during a 40 min battle. And the game cares not for your uber equips, it can always be challenging. I might be sounding too hyped with this game, but it's because it has some seriously amazing moments, like the only time something in a computer gave me a scare.

    EIDT: Forgot to mention, checking Bound by Flame, hadn't heard of it before.
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    I'll probably meet the same fate.
    Lesser known game. Mixed reviews on it pretty much half, an half. I tend to like it. The evil path is alluringly good, and the good path is alluringly bad. In weird an convoluted ways.

    Edit: Evolving characters, and abrupt but fairly fulling lore.

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    1. Just noticed EIDT.
    2. Thoughts on the game?
  14. Lushiris

    Lushiris I need me some PIE!

    Seems interesting, but there's a reason I normally don't read reviews before playing. Can't say people liked the game a lot. Not saying I won't play though.

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    I endeavor to view each game as its own game. It pointless to say comparative thing about games in relation to another game as if you've played the comparison it can leave a view of a game that was not intended by the designers.

    Reviews ideally just let me know more about patches, generalized concensus and how much the devs care.

    In any case I hope you'll like it.
  16. PurpleTop

    PurpleTop I need me some PIE!

    I am gonna get fallout once I get a new computer. I can't wait to be able to play skyrim with good graphics too.

    I did ask for the witcher 3 for Christmas though (Xbox). Anyone played this game?
  17. Lushiris

    Lushiris I need me some PIE!

    The Witcher series never caught my interest. I'm annoyingly picky with games.
  18. Lushiris

    Lushiris I need me some PIE!

    /me digs thread out of its grave.

    Reinstalled Skyrim, took a couple days just to install 1/3 of STEP's ( ) mods - one third of the total mainly because my PC can't handle the amazing graphics the game can have with all the stuff in there. Although all I mainly did was installing fixes to most(nearly all) bugs, gameplay sensitive improvements along with a performance booster(ENBoost), it's a whole new game(even graphically because STEP's mod itself improves quite a few things).

    Also added t3ndo's Perkus Maximus mod(a Perk total revamp), completely flavorful while making makes perks actually interesting - not to mention it also changes combat, making fights considerably harder, and stealth as well( tbh it just makes more sense). Made a Bound Bow Illusion Assassin named Erimalion as a humble homage to the Octopusy UD ava, as I decided to be merciless with this guy.

    One last thing, if anyone ever decide to actually follow STEP's guidelines, feel free to ask me anything as some stuff) can be quite tricky to understand(even with the detailed explanations there, and now I'm decently(barely) knowledgeable of the procedures(no CTD's or bugs so far), despite having screwed the mod's installations at least a couple times.
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  19. PurpleTop

    PurpleTop I need me some PIE!

    STEP is the best and everyone should use it if they like skyrim even with just a fleeting interest. Props

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    I'm getting back into Skyrim.

    Here are the mods I'm currently using. After a few playthroughs I plan on adding a few extras to the game. Right now, its Patches, Gameplay Enhancements, and Non-Scripting mods.

    Skyrim Mod List

    Use the Nexus Mod Manager!!!!

    Skyrim Script Extender SKSE
    LOOT (For sorting.)
    TES5Edit Use to clean files. MUST USE THIS!

    /\ There by Default /\



    Deadly Dragons (Makes Dragons Deadlier) (Use the Loremonger version)
    Attributes: +110%
    Melee Damage: +30%
    Armor: 0
    Magic Resist: 0
    Magic Damage: 50%
    Stagger: On
    Special Skills: On/Off
    Knockdown: Off
    Combat Behavior: Default

    Assault Timer: 96 Hours
    Randomizer: 36 Hours
    Safe Zones: On
    Unleveler: On
    Assault Type: One dragon *only* <- Trust me, this Bane Shift hurts. This new world event can, and will trigger while your fighting another dragon. It doesn't give a flying Firk. An if you have it set to two. Your now fighting 3 dragons. Congrats. *Rants some more.*

    Advised not to turn on any of the Assault settings until after you fulfill the Grey Beards Request. (The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller) Unknown if it causes issues to have the trigger in effect before the game naturally spawns dragons. Best to just let things proceed naturally.

    Improved Dragon Shouts (Makes all shouts more viable)
    Revenge of the Enemies (2016) (Better Enemy Mechanics)
    Run For Your Lives (Makes NPCs run from Dragons)
    When Vampires Attack (Makes NPCs run from Vampires)


    Magic - Spells & enchantments

    New Lands
    Islands Fast Travel (Allows travel between Fakskaar, Wyrmstooth and Solstheim)
    Falskaar (New land, no requirements other than an updated Skyrim)
    Wyrmstooth (New land, no requirements other than an updated Skyrim)

    One Tweak (Possibly don’t use.)
    Unofficial High Resolution Patch
    Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch


    User Interface
    SkyUI (Enhanced UI. Looks very nice as well.)
    moreHUD (Give more UI options)
    Better Dialog Controls (Fixes a conversation bug)
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