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    where dey big booty mods at
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    I typically don't run cosmetic mods. I don't spend enough time idling to look at someone. Any graphical mods are usually for the world itself. It also serves to lessen the amount of nostalgia I've to deal with when I come back to games in the future.
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    I use S.T.E.P. I run everything except for the graphics' mods( which greatly reduce the number of mods to install), as most of it consists of fixes and some very interesting tweaks. I don't regret installing any mod so far, they're all very flavorful and do their job. I got nothing from 2.F to 2.K( although I did get the book covers mod, it is amazing and since I love filling my book shelves I needed it) and the STEP core mod itself, which adds a few things.

    STEP takes quite a bit to setup as you need to learn using the programs and changing the .ini files, to only then start downloading mods(a challenge with my br huehue connection), installing them(maybe cleaning and changing specifics) and setting up their order with Mod Organizer. If I can learn it anyone can, took me two days to do it though. STEP changes almost nothing gameplay related, it mostly fixes bugs and greatly optimizes your FPS

    I also got Perkus Maximus(which isn't in STEP), which beautifully overhauls the perk system and adds new weapon types and spells, but also is very lore friendly( even more than the vanilla game, seriously), and is much more fun to play with. I made a paladin and he's actually amazing vs undead( instead of just making them run away in vanilla), burning them to ashes with holy light and stuff like that. Still very balanced though.
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    Anyone play Skyrim SE for the consoles? Having a lot of fun.
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    I'm having a lot of crashing issues
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    Try to remove some of the mods you use. Should help it.
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    PC master race.
    Though half the time I still use my controller for PC games.

    That's sad to hear about it crashing on consoles though, seems the industry average for game releases has dropped far.

    I enjoyed the updated graphics and environmental effects however I still never completed the main storyline.
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    In my first playthrough I only played the main quest. Literally Firk all sidequests.

    SE on my laptop on high setting, gorgeous
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    Well I just read this entire thread, minus the mod help stuff since I'm playing on xbox. Good read.

    Alchemy has always been one of my favorite skills in ES because I enjoy collecting the mushrooms, flowers, human hearts, etc. I never look up the ingredients' effects, I like figuring that out myself.

    I'm playing on Expert. Morrowind was hard af b/c I was a kid, but Oblivion was too easy, so I figured I'd try for a little more challenge. Most enemies aren't too hard, but some Bandit Chiefs, Vampire Mistwalkers, and Vampire Masters can be pretty tough. Lots of vampire attacks b/c I joined the Dawnguard.

    Not using any mods this playthrough b/c I enjoy earning those nifty xbox achievements.

    Oh and my favorite shout so far is Kyne's Peace. Gives me a chance against Sabertooth Cats that sometimes come out of nowhere.

    I have little interest in Smithing/Enchanting the best weapons. I've always enjoyed finding them the old-fashioned way.

    I usually play stealthy characters, so I'm using a Two-Handed, Heavy Armor (Dawngaurd heavy armor looks nice) Restoration, and Alchemy wielding vampire-hunting paladin basically. Currently lvl 21, tracking down a Moth Priest.

    I plan to become a Werewolf b/c I love it and it goes with the vampire-hunting thing. I will be a stealthy Vampire Lord or something for my next character though.
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    skyrim love.png

    When you wake up and feel the love.
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  11. TeaNinja

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    Beyond Death quest is cool in concept, but the Soul Carin is ridiculously vast and empty. Which is why I think I'll pass on the Impatience of a Saint quest.
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  12. BurnPyro

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    yeah there's a few quests for the dawnguard that are long as Firk
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    I welcome long quests, but I do not welcome how pointlessly vast and empty the Soul Carin is. Especially since part of my soul was Soul Trapped to get in there, meaning less Stamina and Stamina regen. Very cool boss battle and reward after, but it was hell getting to that point. I guess it was immersive considering it felt like my soul was trapped in a prison just walking through miles of nothingness with weakened stats. Oh and by the time I got to the third Bonelord I used all my potions on the first two so I had to rely on a Firestorm scroll and desperate barrage of Sun Fire restoration magic to take down that behemoth. First enemy so far that forced me to fight him entirely from range.
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    I said this earlier, but one of the last quests of dawnguard with auriels bow is like 30 mins of running through a canyon fighting ugly ass hobbits
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    Haha well at least there's something to fight along the way. But that does sound daunting.
  16. BurnPyro

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    however, it's a great DLC in terms of value, lot of fun, like I said, I picked it up game + DLC for 7 bucks, which is extraordinary for the content it gives

    I always hear Witcher 3 blood and wine was the best expansion ever (I have the season pass, just haven't gotten round to playing it that far in the game yet)
  17. themacca

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    The blood and wine expansion is incredible. Could probably pass for a game on its own if it didn't have the title the Witcher
  18. themacca

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    Even the other Witcher dlc is awesome. It doesnt add ridiculously large amounts of new content like blood and wine but the quest and story of it is so good

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