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    Dunes Ante-lion
    Faction: Sundered Lands | Rarity: Rare (maybe Exotic?)
    Race: Beast, (myx?) | Class: rouge| Size: Large
    Flavor-Text: "These sands they shift and move, hold still, the king of the desert lies in wait."
    Art : Shows unsuspecting dwarfs walking above the sand where the Ante-lion is rushing upwards to wards them, large arthropod with a huge abdomen submerged in sand.
    Nora Cost: 80+?

    Champion Stats
    DMG: 15 SPD:5: RNG:1-2 DEF: 1 HP: 55
    Champion Abilities
    Attack: Physical | Burrow:sand* | Ambush | Stationary | (Broodbond?)
    Upgrade Path 1
    Tunnel: sand (1) | Tunnel: sand (2) | Tunnel: sand (3)
    Upgrade Path 2
    Shadowstiker | Emergency tunnel** | Guard : Relic

    * - Cooldown : 1 AP: 4 If champion is on sand, Grants stealth, burrowed (taking damage doesnt destealth and takes 2 less damage from spells).

    Could be used as a pupae guard for myxes? comments?

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