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    Wanted to share this and ask for advice/suggestions/thoughts etc.

    So this is a version of a Split BG I've been having fun with the past couple of days. It's not exactly what I've been running since I've been changing stuff up every couple of fights but the general idea is there.

    MVP Champ Finalists - Weaver, Daggerpede, Demonic Sandclaw

    MVP Non-Champ Finalists - Archnablade,

    Combos that are fun:

    -Daggerpede equips an Arachnablade hits a couple of times then tosses the equipment over to one of your opponent's champs and enjoy the spider spam.

    -Keep that Demonic Sandclaw Sandy- UD bonus plus Domain: Sand plus Sandstriker will get you to 20 dmg 3 def which is pretty good. It's even scarier if he hits half his max hp for another 4 dmg and a couple multiattack ranks.

    -Sandspitter/Cloak of Daggers - Creep and Crawl/Ranged Dmg likes Shadowstrike - Sandspray is also excellent. I've been back and forth between Sabotage Armor and Tunnel Sand. Tunnel Sand is cheaper and provides some extra mobility but I know how much I hated playing around that Sabotage Armor.

    I've also been playing around with a similar build but tossing out most of the spells for Relics/Equips (Slum Market, Orb of Protection, Phalanx Marker, Hive etc.) and I've been back and forth. At the moment I'm leaning towards the low-spell build and I can post that one as well if anyone is curious.

    Since I started typing this out lol.....I took out the broodmother's and replaced with relics/equips. Draconic Benediction removed and replaced with Legion Standard.
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