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  1. Runegod

    Runegod I need me some PIE!

    What would a slag bg look like if i had all slags and wanted to be competitive ? What runes should i use and which ones shouldn't i use ? If you could also list come potential strategies using said runes.

    Thanks for all the help so far from the community =).
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  3. Ifem21

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    Slags can get you into rank, but at the highest ones, só, be aware of it when playing them.
    I will post my BG when get home, but use Metalic, Ancient, Voltaic and Oozeking x2. Overmind, baby, Rattle and the new one is solid too. Dont use Extractor, they suck.
  4. Runegod

    Runegod I need me some PIE!

    Extractor is bad ? Every game i used him that nora gen was crucial to me winning or competing. Metallic slag seems so pricey compared to similar champs in other factions, but i like his skill set for the most part.

    Slag not having a cleanse option besides on terrace slag really hurts them as they rely on healing so much because their damage is so bad. Empathy and ooze tap are both better than cleanse on that upgrade line, especially considering ooze tap is only on 3 champs.

    Thanks for the bg idea it looks pretty good when i get all those runes i'll try it.

    Slags main issue is all their champs have such few options to increase damage and poor damage on base. They are also quite pricey for what they do.
  5. Ifem21

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    The thing about Extractor is:
    You pay 56 nora for him, you can generate 15 nora every 2 turns, so you will need at least 8 turns to get your nora back, so, at least 10 turns to star getting some real nora income. I think it can be good as a second deploy, or really early game deploy, but it's too much of a tempo hit that I don't want to afford, specially with an theme allready weak enought that you need every single point of nora to try to win in higher leagues.

    The new slag need some changes in his upgrades lines, so he can be used as a good support rune that the Slags really need.
    Also, try Auroral Slag, it can be a little expensive, but tha plays you can make with Dazzling is really amazing and had saved me several games.

    The real problem with slags:
    -Too much dependence on Ooze, but without an great use of it with only 3 champ with Ooze Tap.
    -Flying hurts them, Oozing need to ground units, so Slags don't auto lost against Wings, Voil, and such.
    -More range damage dealers, only Voltaic is good at it.
    -More damage in overall, buff the DMG of some slags, not so much, just so they became treat enough if you didn't get draw lucky.
  6. Runegod

    Runegod I need me some PIE!

    The thing for me is with the extractor out i can afford to lose mid font to retreat if need be, because extractor in combo with sp bonus makes up for being down a font.

    Yeah only 3 champs having ooze makes me sad =(, i love slags.
    Oozing causes grounded actually but it's not very effective considering they can just attack from range.
    Voltaic isn't even good at doing damage from range as he has dissipate, makes him almost useless for me.
    Their damage is piss poor compared to other themes and has very few ways to increase except with spells.
  7. Tweek516

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    I think extractor is good. Not OP, or amazing or anything, but definitely solid.
  8. Ifem21

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    Yeah, it is solid, but for me (personal opinion) is crap. I don't want to afford such a tempo hit like that.
  9. fattyy2k

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