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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by profhulk, Mar 28, 2014.

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    Deep cave extractor needs ->dragging attack<- as an upgrade.
    Auroral slag needs ->wind aura<- as an upgrade.

    I have talked with a few other slag players about this. Any other thoughts on how we can help the poor poor slags out?
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    I agree. I have been playing slags since they first came out, and even though slags and the ooze tap mechanics were broken or out of balance back then, constant nerfs have rendered the theme nearly unplayable on a competitive level. It is no surprise that slags have become the least interesting/played race in sp, if not in pox in general. I am not saying that the race needs a whole rework, but it could use a few boosts as Profhulk stated above. In my experience, the best way to succeed with slags now in terms of competition is to hope for a map that does not force your units to disperse (a one way path is most favorable for slags since they heavily rely on cohesiveness) , hope that the enemy doesn't run super champs, hope that the opponent does not run flyers, get lucky by revealing sludge pool early in the game to fill up the map and camp, or get a lucky rush although backing up the rush is difficult. I agree with the patch that prevented ooze tap healing from stacking on a universal scale but other subsequent nerfs were not called for and/or were poorly implemented. Oozing slag does not ooze.... and the ability has been reduced to 2 range, causing over reliance on sludge pool and purposely damaging own champs to create ooze; these most likely lead to long camp games with excessive lag if not an early defeat. Even though rattle slag now oozes.. this ability is not meant to be on a beater since this ability is more attrition based. In an attempt to discourage SP players from over abusing slag over mind in meta sp, they nerfed the rune and removed the weaken spells ability, which was essential for slags; this nerf negatively impacted slags, not Meta Sp. Slags were released around the same time as Minotaurs were... why is it that Mino's are crazy but not slags? Where is the balance? Slags have been over nerfed as a theme. Ancient Slag could also use some help and can only be effectively used as a rune to prevent font rushes or when the whole map is oozed up (which is usually late game). A full on slags bg is very risky and is often only successful vs inexperienced players who really do not know how to deal with slags since they are not familiar with the abilities. (Try slags vs fw, ST, vindrax, myx, UD meta, spell spam, FS etc, these are just a few) and even though I tried running more of a meta slag bg for competition, I found myself deploying the non slag runes first...... one shouldn't have to do this. Individually, slag runes are weak and so, they must rely on teamwork, but due to over-nerfing, the slag theme has been on its way to become a shoebox theme.
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