Slamming large champions doesn't always deal damage to what's behind

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Dolcebrodude, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Dolcebrodude

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    Afaik if a champion moves two spaces via knockback and something stops it's movement both the champion itself and the obstacle (if it's another champion or a relic) should take 5 damage per space not moved.

    In the example below, if a small champion (Valdaci Sentry in this case) stands on one of the green tiles (crudely marked below with mspaint) and the champion with Slam (Skeezick Whorl) attacks the large Bok Raider from the opposite direction both the large and small champions will take 10 damage correctly.

    However, as seen below, if the small champion stands on one of the red tiles then it will not take damage from the Bok Raider being slammed into it from the opposite direction. The Bok Raider takes 10 extra damage in either case thus making this a bit of an unfair interaction.


    Happened in-game, later recreated with the help of @xaznsoulx .

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  2. Markoth

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    It shouldnt matter but did the Valdaci have Combat Awareness?
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  3. Dolcebrodude

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    Nope, if he had it the combat log would've shown it too.
  4. Dolcebrodude

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    Found some stuff contradicting my findings but still showing the weirdness of large champion knockback into small units.
    Caught in spectator. The Skeezick Whorl was standing in a position to Slam the Chaos Brave north-east. It has moved in the screencap but you can tell from the log that was the case.
    The Brave got Slammed towards Rumbler and Spark Crone one space and then took 5 damage for the one unmoved space. Rumbler also took the 5 damage correctly but Crone didn't get damaged.
    Makes me think that maybe the only top space of the 2x2 champ is being counted as a moving object or something?
  5. limone1981

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    usually for 2x2 as you said the top right space is considered valid for movement purposes so that make kinda sense.
  6. Capitulator

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    This is the known, expected interaction. Just read Kalasle's complete rules (, section
    Large Unit Knockback Damage In any knockback damage calculation
    that involves at least one Large (2x2) unit, any units which obstruct a
    knockback path will only receive damage if their topmost tile is in a direct,
    tilesidetotileside line with the topmost tile of the knocked back
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  7. Dolcebrodude

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    Hmm seems like I only now realized what that rule meant.

    And boy is it time to optimize some Slam into friendly champs plays.
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