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  1. Protick

    Protick I need me some PIE!!/deck/cfACkxCaFCaGcaHCfPCf@CgHcjPs5Qs6_s6Ys7IS82r2Yr16r=R2ZrOe1Qe1fe1-

    I played Hyaenids before all this elemental stuff came in play so I'm kind of leaning more to the old school style but tried to integrate some of the newer stuff in.. Personally I am not so fond of the Peaks and all that, they make me feel like I have to keep my champions a little too close to each other for comfort. It doesn't seem like it's worth it, but that +1 range has been saving me a lot at times. So now I tend to run in Peaks Dao with his Initiative 2 in to get that +1 range whenever possible.. Helps double tapping pretty often. Otherwise I tend to keep him away from my champs lol.

    Spells/Relics/Equipments are just random stuff. I don't really use them all that much aside from banner, I kind of like the idea of constantly deploying champions and not use spells so much.. Though of course, I do have stuff to help me kill if I am a little short, or the obvious counters, like Diamond Mace.

    At any rate, I want to ask for a little advice on what to do. Playing this BG just doesn't feel like Hyaenids. Would it perhaps be better to replace Peaks for 2x Spearmans? Or something else? Anything will be appreciated.
  2. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!

    Personally, I'd add 2 spearman. Sometimes I even run 1x in a meta group and theoretically he seems better in a hyaenid bg. Between dogpile, poison, and weary, he can apply 3 debuffs in a single attack. That's 15 loss of life if you have an executioner nearby. Plus a 59 hp ranged unit banner, loyalty) for low 60's nora is very good.

    I'd probably change solstice to suprise piez; and havoc's touch to another aoe spell (avalanche or lightning storm).
  3. Bellagion

    Bellagion I need me some PIE!

    I think that adding in Spearmen would help you, although removing the Peaks Daos might shift the balance between melee/ranged in your deck. I also always run at least 1x Avalanche in all of my bg's, so I agree with the above poster (add Ava or Lightning Storm).

    How do you like Spirit Channeling? I haven't gotten around to using it too much myself.
  4. Protick

    Protick I need me some PIE!

    Thank you both for your input. I did have Avalanche originally in the Battlegroup but ended up taking it out for Havoc's Touch as I barely used it, which I just reverted as I didn't use Havoc's Touch much either. I've also decided to go along with the advice and put in 2x Spearman's. I took out the Bulwark and Pack Leader out for them and decided to keep the Peaks Dao's for a while longer. Giving them some more time I suppose.

    As far as Spirit Channeling goes, I rarely use it. For me, it's only useful if it permits me to double tap with that 1 extra range I more often than not lack to double tap with the older Hyaenid. Otherwise, it has no real use for me. Sometimes I use it on the newer Hyaenid for Magical Bomb, but that's really it. Sure Berserker is nice too, but I honestly don't feel it's worth it to be at 0 AP at the end of every turn, nor do I feel like I constantly have to move my Peaks units away to prevent that. That's one of the big reasons I don't like the Djinn. The champs I have nothing against at all, they're great units. I just feel like they should have never been forced to be put together because they don't work that well. Instead of those new elements, we could have had more Hyaenid..

    Perhaps I would feel differently towards them if they had somewhat more synergy aside from the fact that they are the "buff" champs of the newer Hyaenids.
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  5. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!

    I haven't tried it, but on demand magic bomb seems potentially useful. It's a solution to a super defense champion or IS/FW clumping that you can't hit w/ an aoe spell.

    Avalanche can be very useful. Normally, it's just 10 aoe physical damage...which isn't bad, but not stellar (unless you're comparing to UD aoe 2 standards). But it can knockback 1 (giving it the potential for 15 damage); it can disrupt a formation that depends on boost or proximity abilities (voil, grintmaws, constructs, etc.) and it can ground flying units that are hovering over chasm spaces (which is great combined with slaver's whip).

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