So this woman can't walk through an area because it's unsafe in Sydney

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by super71, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. super71

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    It's so dangerous for her there she can't even walk near the mosque hahaha, yeah Europe isn't changing at all. She is committing a breach of the peace by just walking through an area, and the cop threatened to arrest her because she disagrees with Islam. Basically this cop is worried that he will not be able to help her in that area, which just tells you how safe Europe is already. Once this area is controlled, like it is now they will move on to the next and then the next.

    For argument's sake let's have a Muslim walk past a Christian church or Catholic church, and disagree with those religious beliefs. What do you think would happen to said Muslim ? My bet is absolutely nothing, so why is it okay for one side to commit violence and get riled up but not the other.

    Can't talk to people, can't criticize Islam, funny this is how Hitler got started, and pretty much every communist party =).
  2. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Gotta love the double standards, and the worst freaking part is for some reason you guys are so blind to it all.
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    I don't understand these posts. Can't you just go to stormfront or /pol/ to talk about this stuff?
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    Not intending to reply to @super71 because I don't do that anymore, but just in case other people become misinformed...

    "This woman" is a known Youtube agitator who instigates issues where she goes. Police preventing her from disturbing the peace is logical.

    The fact that her target is a mosque or whatever is fully intentional in the narrative she wants to build, but she wasn't prevented because of the religion. It was prevented because she's a Bane Shift disturber out to cause trouble.

    The area is not off limits to normal people.
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  5. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Yup I totally want a couple hundred thousand people with this attitude in the United States

    What is the underlying issue that we keep seeing with all religions, not just Islam but every religion ? They constantly are living in the past, and that is the biggest problem with Islam and always has been, other religions have evolved over time as society has become more civil, yet Islam remains the same.
  6. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    The area is off limits because she might stir up some people to commit violence for challenging people's beliefs, normal people in modern day society don't want to commit violence for having their beliefs challenged.
  7. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Not even sure what storm front is, is it a forum or what ?
  8. Sokolov

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    Here's what happens during Ramadan in that area:

    It's a tourist attraction.
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  9. Sokolov

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    People like Lauren Southern are the kind of thing people should really despise instead of so called "MSM."

    She engineers situations instigated by her own behavior, then presents it under a false narrative in order to cause outrage. Here the pretense is that the area is a "no go" zone and is "dangerous" but the only person who is dangerous is actually her and her propaganda and misinformation.

    And then you get people like @super71 who eats it up and spreads the lies, telling people it's "unsafe" in Sydney because of Muslims.
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  10. Sokolov

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    Also, LOL at all the talk about Europe. Syndey is in Australia.
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  11. Geressen

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    * and according to @super71
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  12. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Why is the Muslim community always so against questioning their religion or literally anything they do. Their are thousands of you tube videos showing this same thing, anytime Islam is questioned they wanna remove the cameras or they become violent.

    Also let's totally skip over the video above where an Islamic student says all Jews should be hunted down across the world, that's not very peaceful in my opinion.
  13. calisk

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    That's an interesting take.

    Once again super is pretty ignorant on this matter, there are far better arguments that could of been made to the situation in the actually posting a video relevant to the EU.

    regardless this video shows an interesting situation, I don't really care what she's known for, she is permitted to talk in a public area in most free societies....though I admit I don't know where Australia fits in that in regards to their own laws.

    I don't believe branding someone a trouble maker is in anyway a valid excuse for any form of shut down, even if she was a full on Skin head neo ****, I would still believe she has her right to talk in a public place even if I completely disagree with her.

    It's said any new weapon used will be in your opponents hands within 16 years, if "Bane Shift disturber" is all you need to call someone to deplatform them imagine what they will do to deplatform you, as a free society you should not support any step no matter how small that moves our morals in the direction of censorship and the freedom of ideas that move our society.
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  14. Sokolov

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    She isn't just talking. In another "episode" she handed out "Allah is gay" posters in an Islamic area. She has been detained by the Italian coast guard for blocking a ship embarking on a search and rescue operation. She has also been denied entry into Britain for her intentions to cause trouble.

    Her behavior is known, and well documented, and rather than wishing to express herself, it's quite clear her desire is to harass and provoke. If she wants to make a video in her own living room criticizing islam, she is absolutely free to do so, but Austrialia police does not have to allow her and her film crew free reign to roam the streets looking to disturb the peace.

    She does all this to make money. She holds speaking events where she charges hundreds of dollars. She posts videos like this with misleading headlines and narratives in order to drive her own brand. This isn't just "right to talk." This is a commercial enterprise.

    I have no problem with people speaking their mind - but I draw the line when it is used to harass and instigate disturbances in communities for personal gain and profit.
  15. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Curious what happened to this guy, he reflects on Islam the same way I think about Christianity or Catholicism or any other religion.
  16. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    If Islam is so peaceful, why does every other religion go to other countries and have no problems, but Islam always has problems ?

    First rule of thumb, create a law that allows you to wear the Hijab, even though nobody else is allowed to wear anything on their head. Islam and politics can not be separated they are one and the same, and they are in every Islamic Country.

    I would never go to the Middle East and expect to ask them to adhere to my rules and laws, and make a special law for me to wear a baseball hat so why do they expect it to fly here or in Europe ?

    Nobody has any problem against the Muslim community, it is their holy book and their views that don't align with the rest of the world yet. If you go to another country, learn that language, respect their religion, respect their way of life, respect their flag, don't go to another country and try and change them to how you think they should be. This is all people from the West want really, yet even something that simple isn't possible.
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  17. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Interesting, so don't question the Muslim way of life at all, but god forbid your gay or a lesbian, or kissing someone when not married. Muslim community is so peaceful that anyone who speaks out against it either dies or has to be blacked out or have their face hidden when talking about Sharia law.

    No gambling, no drinking, or prison time and caning, as you can see everyone is smiling while people are being caned, and recording it. Didn't realize we were back in the 1400s

    Let someone lead who believes a tsunami was caused by bad behavior, got it. More people going for Sharia law in the area because people are too afraid to follow any other religion, you can't make this Bane Shift up. Preacher pledging support for a leader of Isis, at this rate I won't even need to say anything else.

    "destroy democracy in all countries"
    "change the capitalistic economic system"

    Super peaceful

    Says they don't commit violence and that's not what the religion is about, supports Isis, and publicly canes people and suggests that should be the norm around the world. The sheer stupidity of all this is literally mind blowing how anyone can argue for more Migrants, and more Muslims in the West.
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  18. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!

    I honestly have no problem with the pamphlets if she actually did that(first tine hearing about it), i've been handed pamphlets that god is fake, i have had debates on god with catholics from both agnostic and atheist positions, I've debated kkk members and alt right members and progressive leftists that have said far worse.

    So what exactly is the issue with her handing out those pamphlets and letting her show her true colors, assuming they show her as a racist or something(again have not heard of this incident before)?

    If she does something that causes real damage like the scenario you mentioned with the ship, arrest her and let her sit in jail, but if not I don't see the issue, and if it's because she may hurt the feelings of some muslims, I give them more credit than that, they can handle some pamphlets and if not than maybe the point she's trying to make here has some ground and you don't like what that means.

    Anyway that's a general statement on her, to the specifics of this case...I don't know whether she'd of caused a problem or not, I tend to imagine the same treatment being applied to BLM or ANTIFA and them being treated like this in america, them being told you no longer have the right to protest because we think you might disturb the peace(which they almost always do), and to me it just seems to spit in the face of freedom and liberty, and it doesn't matter who it is or what you suspect there motives to be.
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  19. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    I have no problem with people handing out pamphlets in general or engaging in good faith discussions. At every major game or anime convention you see religious people wearing signs calling us sinners - and that's fine.

    The difference is that she has a film crew following her around and is doing this as a commercial enterprise. It's a public disturbance.

    Talking is one thing. But actively disturbing the peace for profit is another.

    Also keep in mind this is in Australia, which doesn't have a First Amendment statute.

    In either case, whether one believe the police should stop her or not, the biggest problem I have with her is actually that she uses this to push a false narrative for profit. In this example, she makes a video like this and claims it is an example of a "no go" zone (which people associate with an area being so dangerous the police stop people in general from entering)... when the reality is that it's her that's being prevented from going. I have seen this video spread on social media among my conservative friends as proof that no go zones exist. That's the part that really grinds my gears. She knows that she would have been allowed to go if she wasn't keen on doing what she was doing. But she lets people believe in this other narrative and actively adds to it by the way she promotes her material.
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  20. Geressen

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    @super71 who are you arguing with? nobody here thinks sharia law is a good idea. most here do not think religion in general is a good idea, but you're here falling for fake narrative lady and trying to push your "all muslims are secret terrorists" logic for some reason while you are raving about Europe while posting about Australia?

    did old man Supes forget his pills?

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