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    Ehya what's up?

    Long time since I missed to the game; a lot of thing happened both in my life and in the game, both positive and negative, at least from my point of view.

    First of all the new game client strikes, and here are some thoughs of mine.

    I really like the new graphic of the initial interface, and of the new window you can now open ingame (like the deck manager, the store and so on); i mean it is just pretty good to see. It seems fresh and new, and it's fluid.
    The ingame graphic on the other hand is a bit...buggy? I mean there are some effects i used the see that now are gone, like impervius. But apart from the missing effect i saw that the whole animation speed is noe faster then before, something i really like.

    But this open a new topic, the combat log.
    Apart from the fact my chat is a bit broken (it doesn't open when i click it, and i must click only the arrows to open it), the combat log don't help me like it used to do in the past.
    It doesn't link me to the rune description, and i noticed it only because i missed from the game for a long period of time and i must learn what changed, how some interaction works; now it's a bit more difficult with this combat log.

    In the end, the thing that bother me most of all, is the fact i see the "shortcut" for the ps controller, while i haven't none linked. This thing annoy me, but it's just visual so i pass on. I think there is still some work to do inti this, but it's a good start.

    Now that you buffed Euan i can smash some skull with the dwarz

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