Soul Weil Amplifier (UD/FW Relic)

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    Soul Weil Amplifier (UD/FW Relic)
    Art: The relic is like a horse size square "Ark" thingy with stone faces in all sides, the faces are shooting crying spirits waves from their mouths in all directions and a human has its ear drums exploding and bleeding near it.
    HP: ?
    Nora: 30 to 40
    Soultap Feedback
    Twice per turn, whenever a friendly AND an enemy real champion is destroyed in the same turn all champions occupying 1 to 5 spaces in straight lines away from this unit take 10 Sonic Damage and become Bloodied for 4 turns. This damage ignores DEF.

    *The relic has synergy with sacrificial mechanics both factions have, soultap synergy and bloodied synergy. It would also work with Stitcheds
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  2. Kampel

    Kampel I need me some PIE!

    For the effect of shooting in straight line in all directions i used the template from "Northern Cross Discipline" spell

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