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  1. DiCEM0nEY

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    How does the SP faction work as a whole, design wise? I understand they want constant deploys, and few equipments / spells.

    So far through brainstorming, I think you are supposed to gain enough Nora for an extra spell / equip/ relic, and then snowball from a play. Is this accurate?

    I'm using arroyo right now, since I own alot of fw runes. I think the strategy is more or less the same, except weaker mid for slightly stronger / more versatile late.

    Also , can someone explain when Fs is better than Sp (math wise) and vice versa? How should I see Fs design wise from Sp? Talking mainly about innate bonus, not rune design. My small understanding is that FS is more defensive in nature?
  2. Vorian

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    FS has a better bonus every turn you cast spells. Arroyo are tough to play. Good luck with that! With split SP the bonus allows you to deploy for extra turns but dont hesitate to mobilise or essence drain when needed.
  3. DiCEM0nEY

    DiCEM0nEY I need me some PIE!

    Equips or relics as well u mean. So what % of Nora on average do I need to spend every turn to gain over the flat 6? I believe it is 75 (8%), which is really only possible on 5 font maps, unless you draw about 10 Nora per turn from your initial reserve pool, so it ends up being the third or fourth turn where you want to make a play, or on a large map, you can literally never stop deploying, since you make 75 Nora per turn. 12 + 12 + 45 right? I think you cap time won't matter since it would only effect reserves .

    Obviously I'm not including the death bonus, I'm more interested in how to use the bonus to leverage an initial advantage on the map. The death bonus I look at as a discount on your initial deploys, and not something which can be effectively leveraged to gain a competitive advantage (I believe FW have the superior long term bonus).
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  4. OriginalG1

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    the best way I can describe the SP is magic. It is amazing.

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