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    This is what I am running atm. https://poxbase.com/deck/Cohcy=Cz_Cv-coKC4PCwHCdxCvUs5Qs1WS3ts7ys5bs59S82r2Yr2ZrO With the 2 missing runes being Cyclops Rockshapers.

    Before I continue I will explain what the SP playstyle is all about... Its about fighting dirty! Your opponent thinks they are about to 1 round your champ, when they fall victim to a rock trap or whispers of the mind etc... Playing SP is all about being cunning! The trick to winning with SP is fighting with all ur champs complimenting each other, and fighting as a cohesive unit. For example the Chaos Brave would be good on its own, but when its got the backing of ur other champs, it turns into your general leading the fight from the back... Atm we have 4 meta tanks, the G'hern General, the Chaos Brave, Voil Conqueror and the Cyclops Rockshaper (if you are a new player wanting raw damage then the Voil Conqueror is the champ for you, as long as you place it right it can do 30 damage a turn while being an amazing tank!). So if you are gonna play SP meta you will have to let your opponent do the attacking, but also be ready to exploit any 1 rounding opportunity ur opponent gives you.

    Any I will explain the purpose of some of the runes.

    Voil Stormflyer - leading the front line

    Feshcaller Mika - Stalling on a font while waiting for back up

    Hyaenid Dreamcrusher - Summons killing and its main purpose is for the double jab kill

    Chaos Brave - My favourite rune of all time by a long shot mainly because of his cool art and control abilities. Basically the Chaos Brave is a control champ, tying down an opposing champ with a moga or pushing the enemy back away from ur ranged units with a tectonic pulse. A cool trick with the Chaos Brave is to chuck a moga at an opposing champ, and then use the moga if it survives to go behind the same champ or a different 1 for an extra 10 damage with tectonic pulse. It can easily win 1 on 1s through the combination of tectonic pulse for 21 damage, followed up by a chuck moga for another 10 damage. Mmy favourite combo though is chuck moga for 14 damage followed by 15 damage from tectonic pulse plus 10 damage for knockback for a total of 39 damage in 2 turns!

    Cyclops Rockshaper - Control and tanking are its main roles...

    Klub - Being your top beater

    Whirling Quarry - relic destroying and 1 rounding... If you want to use it properly make sure you try and get a wall or a champ, behind the champ you wish to hit with whirling stones...

    Stormreader - To get off pings, its worth casting lightning storm or using a thunderhead totem in order to trigger its ping...

    Moga Cannon - A Glass Cannon which is ur main source of attack damage but its draw back is it dies really easily...

    Voltaic Slag - chipping away at your opponents hp with ranged dots and distracting key champs...

    If any1 wishes to add anything to this please do!
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  2. Raikan

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    Guess I'd add a few thoughts about various combinations in SP rather than standalone runes.
    1. Vicious Harpoon + Moga Trapper ( + Rock Trap): Pull a champion onto a space where 4+ boulder/fire traps are stacked and/or drop a rock trap so afterwards the champion will be knocked back into another champion or the font center.
    2. Chaos Brave (w/ moga toss) or Cyclops Artificer + Peaks Tactics: This is an easy way to trigger a flanking bonus for your other champs.
    3. Chaos Brave (w/ moga toss) or Cyclops Rockshaper (w/ mangled totem) + Cyclops Eye Belt/Flamefist or any champ w/ knockback: Depending on your side of the map, this can be an easy way to set up a relic/champ for extra slam damage.
    4. Overcharged Golem w/ T. Totem or Stormreader (or any source of paralyze): Goal is to proc double damage on golem, although this isn't as strong as it used to be. It could be combined with havoc's touch.
    5. Voil Transporter (or any lift champ) and Voil Windstriker (w/ windstriker).
    Now that I think about it...there aren't many left compared to two years ago. Most were eliminated as OP.
  3. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    Yeh our factions tricks have been nerfed hard over the years!

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