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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by Grandpa69, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Grandpa69

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  2. Sandkorn

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    Some thoughts... just my opinion, don't take it too serious as I did not play for a while..
    - do you really ever use 2 Sauropods? I think 1 is enough
    - Klub?
    - Lance?
    - I think 1 Kanen Scavenger and 1 G'hern Sustainer is awesome for their efficiancy
    - I still love the Angel of Chaos (over the Pox Renovator..)
    - Hyaenid Feshwrangler is awesome
    - 2 Moga Cannon is a no-no for me as they screw up my setup, I prefer 2 firebomber instead
    - 15 champs only? I think 17 is "normal"
    - I would not run Havocs Touch, Scythe of Gore, Zealotry and Cyclops Eye Belt - too gimicky for me
    - I would run a second whispers, second thunderhead and another AoE
    - I do run a Kanen Cultist... but she is damn expensive, don't know
  3. RedScarlet

    RedScarlet I need me some PIE!

    - Hurler is bad, I don't like them anymore with 5 SPD at that cost.

    - Where's ur Klub, and Lance Addy

    - 2 Whispers of the Mind instead of one

    - Scythe of Gore is (agreed with sandkorn) too situational. Esp since the meta is filled with good detect champs.

    - I dislike Alacrity, but that's just me. I'd rather run Cyc Warwizard eventho its not usable whenever you want.

    + 2 Moga Cannons are okay... the're just too OP to not put in... careful in positioning your units. Their damage output is just too great to not be an auto inc

    + But Cyclops Eye Belt is a must for me, it depends on how you play. Its a counter to highDEF, Nohkando, Block/Dodge, Intimidating/Elusive, but potentially allows you to one-turn someone if they're not careful... ~+10 physical dmg a hit is crazy if u got a good positioning. If you like KB, try Headshrinkers Totem. I used to run 2 Hurlers, 2 HTotem, 1 Cyc Eye Belt in pre revamp

    (neutral) Depending on how fast your champs runs, 2 Sauropods are okay if you plan on keeping 2 of those 5SPD Hurlers... if you don't want them Hurlers, then get rid of at least 1 Sauropod.
  4. allyorbase

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    I love Kanen Cultist. She is a wonderful harasser and healer. If your foe doesn't have magical damage, she lasts forever.
    Moga Cannons are probably one of the best units in SP right now.
    G'hern Thrower is almost as powerful as the DEP in UD.
    Voltaic Slags are popular right now, for Sunder and great range for a low cost.
    I would ONLY run Cyclops Eye belt in a dedicated Cyclops BG, and that's not gonna happen, probably ever at this rate.
    17 champs is the new norm for SP.
    EDIT: Sand and Red know what's up.
  5. Raikan

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    Moga Recruiter brings a lot to the table: alt sonic damage, swarm, battle hymn, confuse, and decent hp for a 55/57 nora unit. Ghernbound isn't too much of a drawback w/ Dirge, Sustainer, Thrower, and General.
  6. allyorbase

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    OH! Forgot Goliath Fesh and Ancient Slag. Fesh is ridiculously good right now... Max out Tunnel and take Colossal, and he will absolutely digest someone and usually live to tell the tale (or eat something else).
    Ancient Slag with Fascinate and Colossal is another glutton. He's a little unwieldy, but if you get his positioning and tempo down right, he's amazing. Freaking incredible. For 74 nora.
  7. RedScarlet

    RedScarlet I need me some PIE!

    Although I don't currently play SP meta, I can say that I was using this like three weeks ago:


    taskmaster, warwizard, 2 recruiters, transporter + thrower are semi-AP gen by relocation.
    heroes are basically my op grunts, fesh n ancient slag for transporter, road block, and general threat range
    general is a multi functional grunt
    and my healing options are limited to only nubs piez
    main dmg dealers would be 3 heroes + 2 moga cannon.

    a single SP avatar can take my crew if im not careful: cast alacrity + declare target + other ap gens = gg I lose.

    Keep 5SPD champs to 2-3 count.
    Keep 1 healing options (Sustainer, Cultist, or Nubz Piez)
    Keep 1 APgen options (Alacrity, Cyc Warchief, Taskmaster)
    Keep 3-5 range champ options
    Keep 1-2 tanky melee options
    Keep 3 heroes
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  8. MadLotar

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    Have you tried it out yet? I don't know if Nublin's Pie Surprise is fixed yet but last time I had it in my bg, it would freeze my game.
  9. Vorian

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    Goliath fesh and ancient slag are awesome.
  10. XFurionsX

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    Swallow whole is not THAT good.
  11. Xuvali

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    That is not the reason why they are so awesome. Colossal - Good Def/Hp

    With banner Fesh sits at 12 Dam, 55 Hp, 2 Def - Colossal - and Potential of up to Tunnel Earth 3 - so is very mobile on alot of maps too.
    Slag - 11 Dam, 60 hp, 2 def, colossal and has 2 options for relocating as well.

    Even without Banner they are good roadblocks with a scary threat for units to engage with.

    Heck Goliath Fesh vs a single small unit wins font contesting easy.
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  12. Grandpa69

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    Ty guys , I realy apreciate!
    I did and it works :D
  13. Grandpa69

    Grandpa69 The King of Potatoes

    I have tried this but without angel and its really nice the idea with the mobility , the opponent never expect your next move :)
  14. RedScarlet

    RedScarlet I need me some PIE!

    Swallow Whole is good by itself, but like Eye Belt/Scythe of Gore... Its a bit situational in the current meta since 2x2 are widely played and its not like people wouldnt expect a Swallow Whole if u play Gfesh/Aslag.

    Why GFesh is great and more playes than Ancient Slag is because he is super flexible.
    1) He can be used in Relocate: Ally shenanigans in metaSP
    2) he can be a quick font grabber,
    3) he can act as a tanky atk physical grunt
    He gets that <80nora Atk physical grunt role after revamp, while still retaining a fast speed, anti-colossal tool, and anti-1v1.
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  15. allyorbase

    allyorbase I need me some PIE!

    Right now, he's just an all-around perfect champ. Honestly, I don't think he needs to lose Colossal. I think he needs to lose a rank of Tunnel, and perhaps some HP.
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  16. Xuvali

    Xuvali Devotee of the Blood Owl

    If you can get an Angel you won't regret it. I run 2 in my BG simular to this and they are just too good with Pull. 2-4 (2-6) range and magic bomb. Not to mention 7 speed fliers.
  17. Xuvali

    Xuvali Devotee of the Blood Owl

  18. soulmilk

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    Which 2nd ability upgrade do you choose?
  19. Xuvali

    Xuvali Devotee of the Blood Owl

    I like Distract - its one of my favourite debuffs
  20. RedScarlet

    RedScarlet I need me some PIE!

    It should've been SP's debuff. Such a shame now everybody has it.

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