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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by Grandpa69, Aug 14, 2014.

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    So I just recently started playing FF SP and am loving it. I am having a hard time with finding good magic damage, however, and am confused by some of the posted bgs. On paper, Spirit Speaker looks good and cultist looks bad. Am i just plain wrong in this? Aside from angel, which I will likely never get, what is my best option? And how about auroral slag for harrassing?
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    idk, i guess it would really depend on what you are looking for in a champ and then you have to think why it was placed in the bg in the first place. Cultist fills the role of a ranged support champ with heal 3 and designate scapegoat or sonic aura. Heal 3 is always solid, while designate scapegoat is powerful ability that lets you control where the opponent's spell will go.

    As for your lack of angels, just find another ranged champ that might fill a similar role. Headshrinker might be a good choice, so might spearman.
  3. Raikan

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    Angel is probably the best choice for magic damage and overall utility (magic bomb, distract, pull). Voil Sorceror can be okay in voil-heavy decks; Primal, Metallic Slag and Spirit Speaker are all right for melee-ish magic damage, even though Spirit Speaker's build options seems odd to me (vaporize and magic eater? afflict on a champ with vaporize?) and Slag is more useful for some of its unique upgrade abilities (fascinate, hallucinogenic).

    For range though, I think cyclops ritualist is probably your best bet. You can get him down to a <70 w/ wisdom/fester (although why we have a wisdom champ in SP and why it costs 3 nora when scry 1/2 are 1 and 2 nora respectively is a bit odd). He punishes spell spam (or lets you gen nora off it) and you can run him w/ warwizard, which can boost his damage and replace your alacrity slot.

    Kanen Cultist is okay and has some good support abilities, but she's kind of expensive with rite of creation, which I think isn't very useful anymore and/or is overcosted.
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  4. MadLotar

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    Ritualist was pretty powerful when we still had ichor, I don't know why he got wisdom either but I am not complaining about an ability that reveals a spell while lowering spells on CD by one. Also, what is an on death effect? Something like death nova?
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    Yeah death nova/rider/phlan bound/stitched etc are all on death effects but it doesn't matter because defile corpse has never worked. If it did then the clops would be extremely powerful versus certain themes.
  6. Raikan

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    I'm not saying ritualist is great (especially w/ the issues with defile corpse), but we don't have much in the way of better alternatives. I'd run 2x angel if I had more than 1, but until shallaxy returns to a more useable state (1-3 range would do it I think), we don't have very good ranged, magic alternatives. As a random note....how the heck is battle drum a 6 nora ability on minister but a 65 nora spell (not accounting for the 1 extra ap and the flying)?????? Alacrity is 45 nora, cast: alacrity is a 10 nora ability; and it requires a 5 speed champ to be appropriately positioned to get a benefit out of it (vs. battle drum, which is global). Even if shallaxy doesn't get battle drum back....that is a massively underpriced ability.

    Re Wisdom: it would be nice if it affected non-champions instead of just spells, but I agree it's not a major issue--just strange for a SP ability.

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